Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer!

Yesterday was the first day of fall for 2016 ! Fall is my second favorite season after spring. I get to wear over-sized sweaters, warm patterned leggings, and break out the cute boots I haven’t seen since last winter.

Instead of an outfit shot today, I put together a little fall mood board. This is just a few things that gets me excited and inspired for the fall.


Fall trees: the red and orange trees signify change is coming and change is a positive and neceesary thing. I am welcoming change this fall.

Lipstick: you have to pamper yourself every once in a while. I don’t wear makeup often but when I do, gorgeous lipstick is a must. And this color is perfect for fall.

Sweater and booties: helps you stay warm and walk through all of the storms and chilly weather fall brings. And look stylish while doing it!

Cookies and a warm drink: makes me think about being cozy and comfortable. Every once in a while you have to take a step back from your busy life and enjoy the little things.

I hope my moodboard is as motivational and inspirational to you as it is to me. Try creating one of your own and let me know how it goes! ❤


Playful Puffballs

I went to the hairdresser recently to get my ends trimmed and to make sure my hair was healthy overall…which it is! Yay! ^-^
I was looking for something fun and different to do with my hair and I really looovveeeddd the idea of puffballs and luckily my hairdresser made that happen for me.

My new look for a bit is 2 mini puffs with a part straight down the middle and then have the rest of my hair out and curly in the back.

It’s a super easy style to maintain and I think it is super adorable. My ultimate goal is to have 2 huge puffballs, but for now I am rocking my mini puffs.

The picture included in this post to the bottom right is of IMG_20160803_185740Shawn and I after our hairdresser date. Fresh from the hairdresser, with our ends trimmed and feeling beautiful 🙂

The other photo pictured top left is from a photo shoot I did recently for my fashion show that will take place Saturday, as mentioned before in my previous post.

In that picture I am also rocking a little bit of pink blush and purple lipstick, which is a new look for me.

So far I am loving my cute mini puffballs and look forward to more growth!!! ❤



Fall Fashion Wishlist

wishlistWe are just about right in the middle of fall. The pretty leaves are falling to the ground and the weather is getting a bit chillier.

These are a few items I really need to have in my fall wardrobe collection. How many of these do you own?
plaid flannels
Plaid flannel

I don’t know why, but I just really love flannels, but I don’t own any yet! Flannels can be dressed up with a cute skirt, tights, and tall boots or dressed down with a pair of jeans and flats. Not only can they be worn by themselves, but they also make for a perfect layering piece under a jacket or coat.

lipstickFall colored lipstick

As the weather gets cooler, I believe that your lipstick should get deeper and darker. Fall colored lipstick consists of deep shades of red, orange, brown, and even dark purple. I have my eyes on some dark purple lipstick this fall because I would love to try something new.sweater leggings

Sweater leggings

Luckily I can cross this one off of my wish list. Sweater leggings are not only colorful and comfy, they also keep your legs really warm. They are perfect for the fall when paired with a sweater or cardigan and they will even keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.

boots Tall boots

Tall boots literally can be paired with any and every thing. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants, leggings, and the list goes on and on. Tall boots come in a variety of colors such as browns, blacks, grays, and beige. They also come in a variety of lengths where some can stop above the knee, others on the knee, and some a little below the knee. It’s your preference!

 Puffball beaniepuffball beanies

This isn’t really a necessity for the fall, but they are just super cute! They are perfect for those lazy hair days and can add adorableness to almost any look. They also come in a  variety of colors and styles.

I hope you consider adding some of these items to your fall wish list if you haven’t brought them already.

Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend and happy fall! ❤

Make-up Free Week

Why you should go make-up free for a week!makeup

1) It will save you time

Normally, doing makeup in the morning can take thirty minutes to an hour or longer before you go to work or run out to do your errands. Why not spend that extra thirty minutes or hour getting a little more sleep or eating breakfast!

2) It will allow your natural beauty to show

By wearing makeup, your natural beauty is hidden under your cosmetics. Instead of wearing makeup, let the world see your natural rosy cheeks, your long eyelashes, and even show off your freckles! Being natural is beautiful.

makeup quote3) This will give you younger looking and healthier

Some makeup clogs your pores and makes it difficult for your skin to keep its PH balance. If you have sensitive skin, makeup can actually make you get acne. Letting your face breathe and take a break for a week from makeup can leave your skin glowing and look brighter than ever!

 4) It can save you money

Imagine not buying any lipstick, mascara, blush, or even foundation for a week or two. Over time that can save you a lot more money which you could invest in other items or activities. Maybe reduce buying makeup to twice every couple of weeks and little by little try to spend less on your makeup collection!

 5) It will send a positive message
If you have a daughter or younger girl that looks up to you, seeing yo u go makeup free for a week  is a positive outlook. She will see you being natural while still looking good without makeup and maybe follow in your same footsteps.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup! Wearing it from time to time can actually make you feel prettier and maybe even a bit classier. Just remember to love your natural beauty as well as your beautiful made up face!

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Bear with Honey

Unfortunately this post isn’t about bears and honey, but my outfit featured today is filled with shades of tans, browns, and yellows and those colors made me think of bears and honey; hence the title Bear with Honey ^-^

I am currently on spring break from college…yay! It is still snow on the ground, so technically this is like my second winter break from college rather than a spring break.

Since I’m on break, I get time to actually relax a little and enjoy time with my family and boyfriend. I also got the chance to go to church and this post will feature the outfit I wore to church today!

I am wearing a white tank top and a multicolored scarf, paired with a black and beige color-blocked pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are perfect go-to pieces. You can wear them to church, an interview, to work, and even on a date.

Under my pencil skirt I am wearing white knit, patterned stockings. These stockings are perfect for chilly, winter or fall days because they are super warm and still look fashion forward.

Over my tank top I am wearing an over-sized, mustard yellow colored, popcorn knit cardigan. This cardigan is loose, so it is super comfy. It has five brown buttons on the front and patch pockets as well.

As for my shoes, I am wearing one of my favorite boots! They are brown, lace up boots, and the toe and heel of them are golden and sparkly.

I almost forgot about my jewelry and lipstick! I wore two pearl bracelets and my brown, Coffee Craze lipstick…simple and chic ❤

I hope you enjoyed this brown, yellow, and tan filled post! And sorry if you were expecting bears and honey! ^o^

S.A.S Induction Outfit

Earlier today I had to pleasure to attend the 2nd annual induction for one of my college clubs, Sisters Aspiring to Success or SAS!sas induction1

Today, SAS welcomed 16 new ladies or Sassies, as we like to call them, into our lovely sisterhood. SAS is a women’s organization that focuses on academic excellence, leadership, and service.

In this post I will show you gorgeous readers my SAS induction outfit.

I wore a dark red A-line dress with a small V-neck line. A-line dress work well for women who have pear shaped bodies like myself, because we are smaller up top and a little wider on the bottom.

I paired my A-line dress with silver accessories. For jewelry, I wore pearl and silver studded earrings and a silver and white necklace that I purchased when I went to South Korea.

sas induction2I also wore a variety of silver bracelets. To complete my induction look, I paired my dress and jewelry with sparkly silver heels.

I also wore lipstick again for the second time ever! The first time I ever wore lipstick was for my birthday, you can see that post here.

You may not be able to see my lipstick too well in the picture, but the color is called  Coffee Craze by CoverGirl and it is a deep shade of brown. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this sassy post and continue to enjoy your weekends ❤