The Fit of Fashion

As you all know, I currently work at Nordstrom so I decided to use clothes from my store to try on for my reason fashion assignment. The assignment: try on a number of garments ranging from pants, dresses, tops, etc. Then choose the item that fit the best and try on 3 other items that were the same size as the “perfect fit” item.

I used four different brands: Vince Camuto, Caslon, NYDJ, and Halogen. I used 4 different shirts that were all size extra small/ 0-2. All of the shirts were flared because I like that style of tops, but they all fell differently on my body.

Four fits
The grey Halogen shirt with the blue lace collar was actually too tight to get over my shoulders because it didn’t have any stretch to it, hence why its not even on in the picture!

The red Caslon tank top fit, but had no shape to it so it wasn’t very flattering. The NYDJ fruity top was more flattering than the Caslon top , but was too loose around the shoulder and neckline.

My favorite top out of the 4 and the one I believe worked the best on me was the over-sized striped Vince Camuto top. This top had the right amount of flare to it and was also flattering on my body.

It was very interesting to see how the tops were all the same size and structure but wore differently on my body. There is no right or wrong fit when it comes to fashion.

Wear what you love and feel beautiful in the clothes you put on your body!

I Made A YouTube Channel!

Happy Friday lovelies!

The weather is beautiful, I’ve been keeping busy with work and focusing on some of my goals!

One of my goals that I finally achieved was starting a youtube channel. Since I want to be a fashion correspondent, I need some “on-air” experience so a Youtube channel is the perfect way to get some!

On my channel I plan on discussing hair, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, similar to what I discuss right here on Coral Buttons.

I hope that my channel gets me one step closer to fulfilling that fashion reporter dream and not only that, I also hope that my channel can be a source of encouragement to anyone who needs it.

I plan to include positive, inspirational, and uplifting messages in every video! Only one video is up for now, but don’t worry more fun and fashionable videos are in the future.

Have an amazing weekend!

P.S. Link to Talking with Tati:

Breaking Fashion Rules!

Good morning everyone and happy almost weekend! Today I want to focus on a topic that I am really passionate about: breaking fashion rules.

I am sure that you’ve heard one, some, or all of these rules listed below:

1) Dont wear white after labor day
2) Don’t mix prints or patterns
3) Sequins or sparkle is only for nighttime
4) Everyone should have *insert item here* in their wardrobe

If I had a way to delete these fashion rules and others from our society I would! I recently wore the outfit pictured in this post which “broke” one of the rules: mixing prints.

Both my top and skirt were tribal print but different variations of it. Some people would literally freak out over that, but I don’t.

Fashion is all about creating your own style and being original. So when I wear a black and white crop top with a seafoam green skirt, both with patterns on them, I should feel stylish and chic and not have to worry about breaking rules.

I paired this look with black heels because of the black in my top, and I felt that it truly tied the look together. I want to encourage you to break these fashion rules and others on a daily basis.

If you want to wear white after labor day, do so, white is a great color to wear as jeans, tops, shoes and even accessories. Sequins and sparkle are perfectly fine any time of the day whether you are just going out for a walk in the park, to work, or out to party.

Also, don’t worry about that one item everyone should have in their wardrobe because you don’t want to dress like everyone else. Have items in your closet that you love.

I hope this post motivated you to break these rules and do fashion your way; have fun with it!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Sporty Chic at Work

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!

I hope that your week is going great! The weather in Baltimore right now is amazing. It is definitely starting to feel more and more like spring.


Even though I am working inside on this beautiful spring day, that doesn’t mean I can’t look fab and ready for spring!

As you may or may not know, I currently work at Nordstrom. I love being able to wear whatever I want (appropriately of course!) to work. Today, I decided to wear a navy blue tshirt dress.

look 2
I literally just purchased this dress yesterday from Forever 21 and it is so comfy, but yet still stylish. The blue is perfect for spring!

I paired the dress with one of my favorite pairs of shoes, floral vans! Floral is, of course a great print for spring because you will be matching all of the gorgeous flowers that are blooming.

look 3
I want to encourage you today to step outside of your comfort zone and wear a sporty look if you normally dress more feminine or try a more feminine look if sporty is your normal go to style. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope with your style, you won’t regret it!

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!

Dressing Room Chronicles

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!dc1

My week has been extremely productive. I have been working on achieving a few of my smaller goals while getting closer to my bigger goals.

One of my goals for 2017 was to start blogging weekly and so far I can proudly say that I am meeting that expectation!

Today’s post focuses on a unique outfit I put together recently. When wearing this outfit, I went to a few different dressing rooms to see where I can get a great shot, hence the title being “Dressing Room Chronicles.”

My look: I wore a high neck, floral print, crop top from Nordstrom Rack.  A pair of gray joggers from Forever 21 and for my shoes, floral print Vans!


Wearing sneakers is definitely out of the norm for me, but the floral pattern gives the shoes a chic edge which I loved.

The joggers allowed me to stay comfortable, while the crop top let me show off my creative side and the Vans helped tie the look together…no pun intended!

I’ve always been a big fan of print mixing and matching. My crop top and shoes are floral patterned, but differ in the size of the flowers and the colors. I think that it still worked out quite nicely together!

I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do definitely make sure I put on lipstick! I wore a red lip from the Burt’s Bees collection. Also, I tried a new pose to give me a touch of street chicness to my look.

What do you all think of this look? Leave a comment below to share your opinions and have a great weekend lovelies ❤

Sunday Snapshot: Lance

Boys can have style too! Lance is one of the best dressed guy’s on my campus. photo

I decided to feature him in a Sunday Snapshot post to show everyone that men can have style too and anyone can create their own style. ^-^

Lance is wearing a grey and white striped cardigan paired with a gray shirt with green, cartoon astronaut head on it. For his pants, he is wearing a pair of dark green jeans.

To finish off his ensemble he is wearing fashionable, white and gray sneakers. He accessorized this outfit with a green manbag, decorated with horses of varying colors.

lanceI think this is a very chic and fashion forward look! Below are some questions Lance answered about his style.

1) How would you describe your style?

My style is best described as a risk taker. I am my own character and I am not afraid to try something new. Most people would look at items and say “that’s nice, but I can’t wear that” while I take the challenge and create an image out of it.

2) What is your favorite article of clothing?

Any kind of clothing for my torso is a favorite of mine. Most people recognize your upper body before they do the lower.

3) What inspires your clothing/style choices?

Being from New York City makes it a competition between everybody in fashion. But I inspire my own style to be honest, I just like thinking out of the box and creating new images for myself. My style represents a clash of my personality and likes.

4) Who is your fashion role model?lance2

If I had to choose one person who inspires me fashion wise, it would be Kanye West. Also Chris brown and Pharrell.

5) When asked if he had any other fashion information to add, Lance said: “I don’t like Zumiez.”

I hope you enjoyed this Sunday Snapshot and I hope everyone has a great week! ~

Pinterest + Inspiration = Pinspiration!

PinterestI love Pinterest! Whenever I have the time to relax, I pin, pin pin! I have 25 boards on Pinterest, but one of my favorite boards is called Model Behavior. This board is filled with pins showing cute clothes, accessories, outfits,and shoes that I would love to own.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite pins from Model Behavior!

1) I love this outfit so much! This outfit has a Snow or Ice Princess look to it. The colors are very crisp, light, and pretty. She layered a crystal necklace on top of a cute mint chiffon top. She paired the top with a white skater skirt and a cream belt. To complete this super stylish look, she wore gorgeous, silver studded heels.

2) This look is simple, but very elegant. This outfit can be worn on numerous occasions. It is simple and classy enough to be worn to work, but still cute and flirty enough to be worn on a date. The beautiful white and black polka dot blouse is paired with a yellow, pleated, midi skirt. What really made me fall in love with this skirt is the mini bow right around the waist. Adorable!

3)  This outfit is super girly and playful. The tank top is plain, but the lace back makes the top stylish and adorable. A big statement necklace isn’t needed with a shirt like this, so the simple, gold necklace works perfectly with this outfit. I love the skirt; it is a beautiful turquoise color and has baby blue polka dots on it. The skirt is paired with a brown belt, which accentuates her waist. Pair this outfit with cream or nude flats and it will look amazing.

4) This look is really preppy and I love preppy outfits! This is a very cozy and chic outfit. Tucking the white button up into the tan pleated skirt, makes the outfit look stylish and well put together. Once again, a brown belt is worn to help draw attention to her waist. A long, gold necklace is worn and worn over the button up is a cute oversized, blue cardigan. The black knee highs and oxfords are really what makes this outfit preppy and awesome.

You have just seen four gorgeous looks! If you want to see more gorgeous looks and a lot of other cool topics, sign up for Pinterest! It’s amazing!