My Princess Look ~

A couple of days ago I auditioned to be in a fashion show and I made it! The fashion show is this Saturday and it is at one of the best malls in Baltimore – Towson Town Center. tutu

A post about my fashion show and the outfits I wear will be up sometime this week, but this post is all about the outfit I wore to the audition.

I wore a burgundy cutout crop top, which I love. I think the color worked quite well with my skin complexion.

I paired the crop top with a tutu. Yes, I said it a poofy ballerina tutu. I got this tutu on sale at Charlotte Russe for just $2.99. Amazing right!?!


The tutu is white tulle and knee length. I paired this outfit with black pointy toe flats. Together, the outfit actually looked like a dress, which is pretty awesome.

For accessories I wore rhinestone cuffed earrings and my usual pearl bracelets. Also, my fro was on full display as well ❤

I am super excited for my fashion show on Saturday and even more excited to tell all of you lovelies about it!


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