Mulling over Mules

Mules for a Monday! Yes, I have given into the mule trend, but it’s a stylish fashion statement.

These red mules are from Topshop and add a great POP of color to any outfit. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, mules are slip-on shoes that are taking the fashion world by storm.


They come in different types of fabrics such as leather and suede. Some also come adorned with buckles, fur, or pearls. Heeled mules are also just as trendy as flat mules!

The ones I am wearing are called the Angelina Flat Mule, made from real leather, and are a deeper shade of red. I paired them with a striped Lush wrap dress purchased at Nordstrom!


The dress has a snap button closure at the chest to avoid being too lowcut and a string belt to tie around and cinch your waist.

Since the dress is so colorful, you can easily match it with almost any color shoes. I also recently purchased my first watch ever, a simple Brass Plum marble watch with faux leather straps.


The great thing about this dress and the mules are their versatility. I could easily throw a blazer over this dress with a nice pair of pumps and have a decent interview outfit. I can also kick off the heels and blazer and add some Converses for a fun day in the park.

I could wear the mules with a dress like I did today or with a tshirt and jeans for a more casual look. To me, purchasing clothing that is versatile is the best fashion tip I can offer.


What’s a great fashion tip someone gave you? Did you fall in love with the mule trend?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Make the most out of your Monday and your week!


Last month of 2017!

It’s December! The last month of 2017 has arrived. Can you believe it?

This month I am focusing on self love and care. As the year comes to a close and holiday season approaches everything can seem overwhelming.


Take time this month to reflect on the positive things that happened to you this year. If you didn’t meet all the goals you wanted to meet this year that’s ok because next year you can push harder, work faster, and you can get it done.

Don’t give up on yourself and don’t hesitate to take time out each day or each week this month to meditate and reflect on 2017.


In this post, you’ve seen 2 new pieces in my wardrobe! I purchased these items as a self care moment, I’ve been working hard and haven’t shopped in a while so I decided to splurge a bit.

The 2 new items are my Topshop denim jacket and lavender Asos pants! I paired the jacket and pants with a mesh vneck top by Lycra, and my go to comfy black TOMS.

Make time this month to do something you love and enjoy because self love and care is important and should be practiced every day.

Ways to practice self love and care:

1) Meditate with music or in silence

2) Try a new activity to expand your horizons (yoga, hiking, acting classes)

3) Treat yourself to a spa day

4) Shopping trip

5) Watch a childhood movie you loved watching growing up

6) Write a list of 10 things you love about yourself or 10 things you are good at

7) Drink more water

8) Say positive affirmations everyday (I am intelligent, creative, etc)

Hope you use some or all of these tips this month. Take care lovelies!


What I Wore Wednesday

Happy hump day! I hope your week has been great and productive so far.


Today, I am showcasing an outfit I wore to work recently. As some of you may know, I currently work at Nordstrom and specifically in the Young Contemporary department also known as YC.

YC consists of three subcategories/brands: Savvy, Brass Plum/BP, and Topshop. Savvy has special occasion items such as dresses, jumpsuits, and blazers.

BP, a Nordstrom exclusive brand, has everyday wear such as sweaters, tshirts, blouses, and jeans. BP also carries dresses, but are more casual than the Savvy dresses.


Topshop, one of my favorite brands, carries a mix of BP and Savvy-esque items. It is a trendy, low price, but high fashion brand.

Topshop carries everything from leather jackets, to sequined dresses, to embroidered jeans, to fur vests! Anything trendy and up and coming in the fashion world Topshop has.

Working in YC allows me to dress more casual than I would have to dress if I was in another department, but also allows me to be trendier. The outfit seen throughout the post definitely represents what YC is all about.


I paired a Forever 21 Rugrats bodysuit with super comfy green cropped ASOS pants. To add more color to this look and accent the colors on my bodysuit I wore a lightweight linen Halogen cardigan as a layering piece.

To wrap up my look, I paired the outfit with red TOMS. What do you think about this look? And I hope you learned something new about YC brands!

Have a wonderful rest of your week lovelies.

Attire Academy!

Attire Academy is a made up Fashion Institute I created for my Photojournalism class project last semester. This was the first video I edited and filmed all on my own.

 I recorded all of this on my phone, so excuse the crappy video quality in certain areas. Check it out!

I re-watched this video and did some thinking. What if Attire Academy was real?

I pondered that question for a while and then came up with a great idea. I decided to show my gorgeous readers (a.k.a. you!) an outfit that can be placed under each of my lovely fashion categories shown in the video. Enjoy!

The Obsessor

This pic represents The Obsessor look because the model seems to be obsessed with…layers! It looks like she grabbed about five different articles of clothing and put them all together, but yet this look is still stylish and unique. I love the blending of different styles of clothing and I like the color variation. She has on a brown vest, red cardigan, and black jeans. As for accessories, she is wearing black fingerless gloves, a black infinity scarf, a beanie, and a chic burgundy purse. (found on


This picture fits the Creep category because this image has an eerie vibe, but is still sophisticated. The model has on all black and seems to be smizing (a Tyra Banks word!), which makes her already gorgeous face look fabulous. The shades of brown in the decor of the background works well with her outfit. She is wearing a Pull & Bear sweater, Topshop jeans and boots, paired with a spiked necklace. (found on

free spiritFree Spirit

I chose this picture because the outfit is super boho chic and that is what I think of when I hear the term Free Spirit. I also think of Coachella style clothing. The model in the picture is wearing all white, which looks flawless. She is wearing a loose-fitting V neck shirt, paired with a pleated skirt. Both items are lined with tiny Pom Poms. She accessorized this outfit with chunky silver jewelry, which adds a vintage touch to the outfit. (found on

Madame Temptress

 This outfit is perfect for Madame Temptress because it is sexy, but still classy. She is wearing a nude and black, eyelash mesh dress. She pairs this outfit with black pointy toe pumps and a black clutch. This outfit shows just enough skin to have sex appeal, but covers up enough to still show that you are a lady! (found on

I hope you enjoyed the video and all of the unique looks! Which one is your favorite?

Comment Below!