Birthday Post!!!

Wow!! I haven’t blogged in sooo long.  Classes, friends, clubs, and numerous other activities has kept me super busy and running around all over the

But I did not forget about Coral Buttons nor did I forget about my lovely followers. Today I decided to do a special post since it’s my birthday!!!

Today I celebrate 20 years on this big round ball we call Earth. I recently went shopping with my roomie aka my roommate and purchased this cute birthday outfit!

I am wearing an Aztec patterned beige and white sweater which I purchased at Charlotte Russe. This cardigan is pretty long and really warm. I really like the Aztec pattern on it as well!

I am also wearing a white A-line dress with a floral pattern on it. I am not a big fan of floral, but I love this dress. I really like that the floral pattern is subtle, but still noticeable and stylish.

I brought my drebirthday outfitss from Rue 21. The dress has really cool gold chains and embellishments around the neck which makes it look like I am wearing a super chic necklace.

Under my dress I am wearing white leggings and my brown boots with a sparkly heel and toe. Just ignore the little orange socks sticking out of my shoes!! (lol)

Did anyone notice something different about me?? If you said my lips, you have guessed correctly!!! I never…ever…ever.. wear makeup, but hey I turned 20 and decided why not give it a try.

So I am wearing red lipstick given to me by my lovely roomie. I think it looks quite nice!

Overall, I love my birthday outfit and I had a pretty good day.

I’m excited to see what my 20’s will entail…hopefully a lot of traveling, graduating college, and many other adventures!!!


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