Enjoying the Holiday Season

Good afternoon! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

This post is simply showcasing my Christmas day outfit. Hope you love the look  ❤

Christmas Day Selfie


Simply Posing


Super Sunny Chicness 


Outfit Details:

Dress: Express – $40
Leather Jacket: Forever21 – $30
Booties: A Gift!


Posing in Plum

Hello my beautiful readers! Happy Monday and I hope all is well 🙂

Recently, I had two really random realizations. Hope you caught that awesome alliteration in that previous sentence btw lolIMG_20160826_140054

First realization: I don’t own much purple!!! I didn’t realize it until I had to work an event this past Saturday and my internship supervisor asked me to wear purple. I said “No problem, I have purple.”

As I scanned my closet, I realized…I don’t really have purple!! I have one pair of purple jeans and that’s all and that was pretty weird and amazing to me. So I invested in a causal purple and white tank top and a plum bodycon dress pictured in this post today.

Second realization: I do the same poses in all of my pictures!!! If I really want to break into the fashion world, which I do, I have to work on my poses. So I practiced a few in the mirror and I really like the one pictured above right.

IMG_20160825_062800In the picture, I am wearing my plum sleeveless bodycon dress mentioned above and I paired the dress with black Steve Madden pointy toe flats. I decided to do a little more with my arms so I ran my hand through my fro and snapped the selfie. Pretty decent pose if I do say so myself ^-^

These 2 realizations may not seem like a big deal but they were both pretty cool discoveries! So hopefully you will see more purple hues in my pictures in the near future and some more really creative poses.

Anything you recently realized about your wardrobe or yourself in general? Share it in the comments below! ❤

Work Selfie

IMG_20160509_161805Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great week.

So, like most people, I spend a lot of my time at work. I work as a hostess in a restaurant located in one of the many Four Seasons Hotel.

I really enjoy my job because I love interacting with guests and having conversations with them.

I also get my exercise by walking guests to their seats lol 🙂 I’ve hosted in a few different restaurants but this job is the first one that actually gave me a uniform/dress to wear…pretty cool!IMG_20160406_110611.jpg

I wear a black fit and flare dress with ruffles on the bottom
of the dress, along with black flats.

I usually add accessories to the dress since it is a simple look. In this picture I am wearing pearl bracelets, and a sparkly statement necklace.

I hope you liked this peek into my work wardrobe. Have a wonderful  rest of the week my loves ❤

Head And Toe

Most head to toe posts show an outfit and analyze it, from head to toe (top to bottom). I am putting a little spin on the traditional head to toe post and making it a head and toe post. front back earrings

I decided to focus literally on my head and my toes, well the bottom region of my legs!

In the “head” portion of my outfit, I am wearing cute gold headband and a pair of front-back earrings, both purchased at Torrid.

Front-back earrings look really cool from all angles. Unlike traditional backed earrings, frontme-back earrings usually have a special back like a stud, pearl, or a cool shape like a cone or diamond.

In my selfie you can’t see my chic back, so I took a close up shot of it so everyone could see (pictured above). My back is a gold cone with tiny rhinestones around the edge of it.

Aside from my gold headband and stylish earrings, I am also rocking crazy, wild hair! Normally I try to braid it, so that my hair turns out curly, but instead I decided to just wear my kinky fro.

Now it’s time to jump all the way down the body to the “toe” portion.

I am really excited about my shoes! Can anyone guess why???
legwarmers and mocs
If you guessed because I finally brought a pair of moccasins, you are correct!!!

I am wearing my newly purchased moccasins from Marshalls and I am super excited about them because I’ve wanted moccasins for months now and they were on my Cyber Monday Wishlist!

My moccasins are light brown and the inside is line with soft fur. They are really comfy! I paired my moccasins with dark brown legwarmers, which keep your lower legs warm and are super trendy accessories.

I enjoyed writing this Head and Toe post and I hope you enjoyed reading it! And remember to: