Acknowledge your Glow Up!

Happy Thursday lovelies, I hope your week has been great so far.

It’s Day 29 of Motivational March and if you follow me on Instagram at Coralbuttons, you already know what the goal for today is, but if not here it is: Acknowledge your Glow Up! (Hence the title 😄)

If you don’t know what I mean by that, no worries, I’ll explain!


I posted the picture above on IG to show how I changed over the last four years and to acknowledge my glow up. Urban dictionary defines the term “glow up” as: “To go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. An incredible transformation.”

Not saying I was at rock bottom in 2014, but I wasn’t as healthy or confident then. I just big chopped and that was the shortest my hair had ever been so I was adjusting to that and I was in college stressed about everything.

My style was still evolving and changing and my eating habits weren’t the best. This year, I’m happier, more positive and healthier.

My confidence is boosted because I practice self-love and self-care a lot more. “Positive” is a word that comes out of my mouth on the regular because I surround myself around positive people, do things beneficial for my life, relationship, and career, and make sure to take time to just sit and be happy.

In four years, I graduated college, continued my relationship with my highschool sweetheart and moved across the country from Baltimore to Los Angeles. It’s not about bragging about your accomplishments, it’s about recognizing how much you’ve grown!

Take time to acknowledge your glow up today. You are amazing!


I Graduated!!!

Yesterday morning I got to walk across the stage at Hood College!!FB_IMG_1463335429711 (1)

I finished school is December 2015, but yesterday I officially graduated and I couldn’t have been happier. The weather was sunny and breezy, all of my classmates looked great, we had an excellent speaker, and I got to visit Frederick and Hood College again!

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Arts and my minor was Theatre & Drama. In the photos pictured throughout the post you will see me in my cap and gown, with my boyfriend and family, and in the dress I wore under the gown.
As I mentioned in a previous post,  I plan on working hard to become a fashion reporter and so that’s why I decorated my cap to say “Future Fashion Reporter,” with gorgeous blue and white ribbon.

FB_IMG_1463335419573The dress I wore was red and had a fit and flare style. I paired my dress with black heels and of course all of my favorite pearl bracelets. I also wore black and gold earrings.

On my gown I had a Hood College pin, the white hood, and numerous colorful cords from all of the clubs I participated in.

The speaker, Wil Haygood, gave a lot of inspirational and motivational advice. My favoriteFB_IMG_1463335404836 line he gave was that “sometimes we have to go down in order to get back up.” He also talked about second chances and if things don’t work out the first time, continue pushing for it.

After graduation I got to spend time with my family and eat great food, it was an awesome day 🙂

Remember to always follow your dreams. No dream or goal is unattainable. I believe in you! ❤



Ring Ceremony Outfit!

I finally got my college ring! I was suppose to get it weeks ago, but the weather was too bad 😦

But, now I finally have it and I couldn’t be more excited! For anyone who doesn’t know or forgot, I go to Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Hence the “H” on the ring!ring outfit

I actually didn’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for this ring. I entered an essay competition and I won the scholarship that allows my school to pay for my ring in full.

Lucky right!

Any-who, this post will show all of my lovely readers my new ring and the outfit I wore the ceremony ^-^

It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day to have this ceremony. It was around 80 degrees!

I wore a green fit and flare dress paired with black cutout wedges. This dress was super comfy and light weight, while still looking elegant and chic.

For my accessories, I wore lots of pearls! I wore pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, and a pearl necklace.

I wore my hair out in my lovely curly, twisted out, fro! Not only was this outfit great for this ceremony, but it will also work perfectly for dates, partying, or just a fancy dinner.

I love this outfit and I love my new Hood ring! Only one semester left until I am a college grad, wish me the best ❤

Sunday Snapshot: Amber

I haven’t done a Sunday Snapshot in a long time, but here is my second one! In case you forgot, these posts will feature a photo or two of  people who look adorable and trendy and on Sundays I feature them here on Coral Buttons!

At my college, the students are very diverse when it comes to fashion sense.

Some students love to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts, others prefer to dress up in business attire, some prefer bright colors and patterns, and some have a style all of their own.

Today’s Sunday Snapshot post will feature a student and my friend who has a style all of her own, Amber George. Amber is a junior, English major and theatre minor.

When it comes to clothes, Amber says she just wears whatever she wants to.

“I never thought of how I dress. I just pick and choose from trends and styles I generally enjoy.”

Amber is wearing a loose-fitting, black and white striped shirt and on top of that, an over-sized denim button up shirt. She is also wearing dark gray skinny jeans, accessorized with a light brown belt.

She pairs her tops and bottom with light gray legwarmer socks and burgundy boots. It is still winter time currently, so Amber accessorized her outfit with a gray infinity scarf and white, pom beanie hat.

If I had to put a label on Amber’s style, I would call it 90s Grunge! ^-^

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Snapshot and you can check out my first one here! ❤

Sunday Snapshot: Sarah

This is the first of many Sunday Snapshots to come! My idea with Sunday Snapshot is to take a photo or two of  people who look adorable and trendy and on Sunday feature them on my

I am excited about this blog post not only because it is my first Sunday Snapshot, but also because the snapshot today is of one of my closest friends: Sarah Irvin!

I met Sarah at summer orientation, a week or two before the start of our freshman year of college. That means I’ve known her for over two years! (she’s awesome)

Enough of the mushy stuff now… so I will now tell you a little bit about Sarah and show all of my lovely readers my mini interview with her.
Sarah is currently a junior at Hood College, (like me!) majoring in Early Childhood Education. She wants to be a kindergarten or first grade teacher…how cute!

In the picture she is wearing a cute, tiny giraffe necklace from J.Crew, a blue and green sweater with brown elbow patches, also from J. Crew, denim Polo jeans, and sparkly flats from Payless.

My Interview with Sarah

1) What is your favorite article of clothing?
Scarves! I like them because they are good accessories for any outfit. They are very versatile.

2) How would you describe your style?
Pretty girly, I wear a lot of dresses.

3) What is your favorite way to wear your hair?
I like wearing my hair curly; it just takes hours to do. (her hair is super long!)

4) How many pairs of shoes do you own? What is your favorite pair?
I own about 15 pairs of shoes and my favorite pair is my sparkly ones. (which she has on in the pictures!)

5) What do you think is the worst fashion trend?pockets
I think shorts short enough to see the pockets is a bad trend. It is not professional and the girls who wear that type of clothing are viewed differently than they should be.

6) What is your favorite fashion trend?
Maxi dresses! (makes sense because she has a closet full of dresses!)

7) Who is your celebrity (fashion) role model?
Jennifer Lawrence because she seems to be one of the more genuine celebrities. She wants little girls to look up to her and not focus too much on being thin or perfect.

8) A few fun facts:
*Sarah lived in Germany for a year
*She has traveled over parts of Europe with her family
*She really wants to travel to Australia one day

Thank you  Sarah for being my first Sunday Snapshot model and I also want to thank my lovely followers for reading!