Bear with Honey

Unfortunately this post isn’t about bears and honey, but my outfit featured today is filled with shades of tans, browns, and yellows and those colors made me think of bears and honey; hence the title Bear with Honey ^-^

I am currently on spring break from college…yay! It is still snow on the ground, so technically this is like my second winter break from college rather than a spring break.

Since I’m on break, I get time to actually relax a little and enjoy time with my family and boyfriend. I also got the chance to go to church and this post will feature the outfit I wore to church today!

I am wearing a white tank top and a multicolored scarf, paired with a black and beige color-blocked pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are perfect go-to pieces. You can wear them to church, an interview, to work, and even on a date.

Under my pencil skirt I am wearing white knit, patterned stockings. These stockings are perfect for chilly, winter or fall days because they are super warm and still look fashion forward.

Over my tank top I am wearing an over-sized, mustard yellow colored, popcorn knit cardigan. This cardigan is loose, so it is super comfy. It has five brown buttons on the front and patch pockets as well.

As for my shoes, I am wearing one of my favorite boots! They are brown, lace up boots, and the toe and heel of them are golden and sparkly.

I almost forgot about my jewelry and lipstick! I wore two pearl bracelets and my brown, Coffee Craze lipstick…simple and chic ❤

I hope you enjoyed this brown, yellow, and tan filled post! And sorry if you were expecting bears and honey! ^o^


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