How To Wear: Marsala!

 It’s 2015, so that means that there is a new color of the year! Pantone’s Color of the Year is Marsala!

Now if you looked at the word “Marsala” and thought what the heck does that color look like, you are not alone! I had no idea what Marsala was until I read more about it and looked at pictures.

Pantone describes Marsala as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” Since you now have an idea of what color Marsala is, let’s look at how to wear this elegant color.

Marsala Earrings

These Marsala chandelier earrings are extremely high fashion. Adding these elaborate dangling earrings will take any outfit from basic to sophisticated. You wouldn’t even need to pair these earrings with a necklace because the earrings alone make for a gorgeous accessory.

Marsala Dress

This dress is definitely a show stopper. Its a party dress or night out with the girls dress.  Pair this dress with sparkly pumps or stilettos and it would be a perfect, fun, and flirty outfit. When you wear this super sparkly dress, all eyes will be on you. The Marsala color also adds a touch of elegance and class to this dress.

Marsala Nails

I love polishing my nails and I really love nails with designs on them. In the picture, a variety of designs are shown, such as Marsala in bloom, which is a Marsala coating with white flowers painted on it. Another design is Marsala Chevron, which is a Marsala coating with a white chevron design on it. Marsala Stripe is a Marsala coating with white stripes on it. And the final design is Marsala Mirage, which is my favorite and is a white coating with Marsala circles of varying sizes on it.

Marsala Shoes

The second sparkly item on this list are these awesome Marsala shoes. They look like oxfords, but have a nice white wedged heel added to it. You can wear these shoes with a chic cardigan, a button up, and jeans to create a preppy look. You can also wear these shoes with a pant suit or a skirt and blazer to crest a stylish professional look. The possibilities of how you can dress up or down these shoes are endless.

Marsala…Dog Bowtie??

I think it is super cute when people dress up their pets. I want a male Yorkie and when I get him I am definitely dressing him up in chic dog clothes. I would love for my dog to wear this pretty Marsala bow tie. Maybe for a special occasion such as his birthday or if he is part of a wedding party, but he would definitely be the talk of the (dog) town if he wears this. Add a cute little top hat and your pet will look even more adorable.

I hope you enjoyed this Marsala filled post! See what other pictures you can find that shows off this gorgeous color!


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