One year LA Anniversary!

Just four days ago was my 1 year anniversary of moving to LA. It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been living here for a full year. It really flew by! This post is going to be a timeline of a few of my favorite LA moments over this past year. Enjoy!

Moving to LA – 10/22/17


Visiting Echo Park – 10/31/17


Visiting The Grove – 11/3/17


First birthday in LA – 11/18/17



First holiday season in LA – 12/8/17


New year, new look – 1/1/18


First rainy day in LA – 1/8/18


Visiting Griffith Observatory – 1/16/18


Visiting the Love Wall in Beverly Hills – 2/8/18


First Valentine’s Day in LA/Visiting the Natural History Museum – 2/14/18


Attending my first wedding – 4/21/18


Celebrating my 6 year Anniversary – 4/25/18

Visiting Santa Monica – 5/4/18


Visiting La Brea Tar Pits – 6/6/18


Attending Janelle Monae concert – 6/28/18


Visiting Manhattan Beach – 7/10/18


Visiting Little Tokyo – 7/24/18


Visiting the Beverly Hills Sign – 8/9/18


Hiking to the Secret Swing in Elysian Park – 8/23/18

Visiting Universal Citywalk – 9/27/18



The adventure continues – 10/2618


Hope you enjoyed traveling through time with me and I look forward to bringing you all on many more journeys! Have a lovely weekend!


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Date 💕💞

On Valentine’s Day, Shawn and I took a trip to the Natural History Museum of LA and it was wonderful.


There are so many exhibits to explore and sights and activities to partake in, it is truly perfect for any couples, friends, or families who want to have some educational fun.


I’ll be showing pics from a few of my favorite exhibits and pictures of my outfit of course!

Age of Mammals and African Mammals Exhibit


Dinosaur Hall

Gems and Minerals Exhibit


Tattoo Exhibit

20180214_15201320180214_16030020180214_165340 If you are looking for an affordable and fun date in LA, definitely visit the Natural History Museum. We will be back because even though we seen all the exhibits pictured above, there’s even more exhibits to see!

Now for my outfit! I wore a white Misguided blazer dress which I adored.


The dress had gold buttons which popped against the crisp white dress. I paired this look with pearl bracelets and earrings, MAC lipstick, and my red Topshop mules.

20180214_10230120180214_102411 Have you ever visited this museum? Would you rock a blazer dress? Let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful week lovelies!

Visiting the Love Wall in Beverly Hills

Valentine’s Day is almost here so I recently went to Beverly Hills to get a pic in front of the super artistic and gorgeous Love Wall.


The wall makes for a perfect backdrop for a Valentine’s themed post. To visit the wall, I wore a cropped Topshop sweater paired with highwaist jeans from ASOS. I completed the outfit with sparkly TOMS.


I love that there is so much street art scattered all throughout LA. I hope to share some more pics in front of creative street drawings in the future!

Sometimes holidays make people feel lonely and sad because they either don’t have anyone to celebrate with, the holiday brings up bad memories, or a multitude of other reasons.


I’m here to tell you about a little mantra that helps me get through rough times that I learned from a Youtuber and that is Positive Mental Attitude.

Repeat that a few times and it will help you get into a better and happier mindset. So if you are alone on Valentine’s Day or in a long distance relationship remember to stay strong and focus on the positives in your life currently. Have a good day!



Pink & Lace Look for a Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. I’m such a die-hard romantic where all things lovey dovey, cute, sweet, and couple related makes me extra happy!

Even though every day spent with your significant other should be just as important as Vday, it is still fun to have a day solely dedicated to being over the top romantic!

With Valentine’s Day comes lots of pinks, reds, and whites. I’ve always seen Vday as a day to wear a dress and heels.


To prepare for the holiday this year I tried to go for a non-traditional look that is still romantic, but also a tad bit edgy.

I decided to pair a white, lace crop top from Forever 21, with a light pink poncho from Kerisma. Throughout the day numerous people asked was the top and poncho one piece and complimented my look for styling it as such! 🙂


With my top and poncho combo, I also wore brown Hudson jeans and black, military-style heeled boots from Nordstrom. I feel like this look was a perfect balance of chic, modern, and romantic.

How do you feel about non-traditional Valentine’s Day looks? Leave a comment below!

10 Little Ways to Make Your Partner’s Valentine’s Day Better

My favorite holiday is in exactly one week…Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even as a little kid in school giving cards to all of my classmates ^-^ Now that I am older and in an relationship, VDay is even more fun!

Here are 10 little ways to make your partner’s VDay even better. Enjoy!

1) Make them a list of all the things you love about them!

2) Cook them a romantic dinner. Include all of his/her fave foods!

3) Write them a cute, lovey-dovey poem.

4) Have a movie marathon. Watch all of his/her fave movies!

5) Give them a relaxing back rub.

6) Visit your favorite date spot!

7) Agree to do something fun and spontaneous!

8) Leave little love notes everywhere for them to find.

9) Dress nicely for them, even if you’re aren’t going out.

10) Say I love you!!!

Remember, Valentine’s Day can be every day. let your significant other know you love him or her each day of the week. xoxo ❤