My Natural Hair Journey

It’s been a little over a year since I cut all of my hair off and went natural. I am excited about how far I have come and even more excited about the future of my hair. This will be a short post because all I wanted to share my progress with my lovely readers ❤

natural hair journeyBox 1: This a picture of me from the day of my Big Chop. My hair was supeerrrr short and I was a little worried about how I looked for a while. I eventually grew into it and fell in love with my short look. It was easy to manage and I knew that it would be growing shortly. This was taken in March of 2014.

Box 2: This picture is from my Bear with Honey post and features me sporting one of my favorite natural hairstyles, twist-outs! My hair has grown soooo much in just a year and I am really proud of my growth 🙂 Can’t wait for it to grow longer!

Box 3: This is a very recent picture and this is a picture of me with my hair straightened! I haven’t had my hair straight in over a year. I am happy to see how long it is because I am so use to seeing it up in the air rather than laid down (lol). I am enjoying my straight hair, but I am starting to miss my puffy and curly hair, so it will probably be back to my fro in a couple of days ^-^

Box 4: This is just a really cool picture and shows a character with gorgeous natural hair. I think that this photo inspires strength and confidence for all women in general and of course, women with natural hair.

I hope everyone enjoyed my hair update post and I hope you all have great Thursdays ❤ It’s almost Friday!!!


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