Pink & Lace Look for a Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. I’m such a die-hard romantic where all things lovey dovey, cute, sweet, and couple related makes me extra happy!

Even though every day spent with your significant other should be just as important as Vday, it is still fun to have a day solely dedicated to being over the top romantic!

With Valentine’s Day comes lots of pinks, reds, and whites. I’ve always seen Vday as a day to wear a dress and heels.


To prepare for the holiday this year I tried to go for a non-traditional look that is still romantic, but also a tad bit edgy.

I decided to pair a white, lace crop top from Forever 21, with a light pink poncho from Kerisma. Throughout the day numerous people asked was the top and poncho one piece and complimented my look for styling it as such! 🙂


With my top and poncho combo, I also wore brown Hudson jeans and black, military-style heeled boots from Nordstrom. I feel like this look was a perfect balance of chic, modern, and romantic.

How do you feel about non-traditional Valentine’s Day looks? Leave a comment below!


2017 is coming…Are you ready?

The weather is getting colder, we are actually expecting snow this weekend in Baltimore!

Christmas is 12 days away, the new year is 19 days away…this year has flown by.

2017 will be here before you know it, but are you ready for it?

Are you ready to reach your dreams and goals in 2017? What are some of the major changes you are looking forward to next year?

Here is a list of 5 of my own goals for the new year:

1) Submit articles to online magazines and maybe become a blogger or regular contributor for them

2) Reach out to more stylists, fashion bloggers, and people who run their own fashion related companies on social media and look into collaborating with them and/or becoming a brand ambassador

3) Redo/improve my blog and post weekly

4) Buy a new laptop and video camera to start working on my own youtube channel

5) Look into more fashion related events I can attend in Baltimore

There is a #1 goal that will also take place next year that I will announce early in the new year with all of the details in another blog post.

Stay positive as Christmas and New Year rolls around. You can achieve all of your wildest dreams and aspirations, just work hard at it!

Love Tati  ❤

And below is a picture of me embracing this cold weather lol ~


22nd Birthday Post

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

Last Friday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Yay! This year is special because I have big
things planned in regards to my future, life goals, and career goals.

Because of all of the exciting things I have planned for the year to come I am dubbing it: Year of Change ❤

Stay tuned for the amazing things to come 🙂 Now back to my birthday lol…

My lovely boyfriend Shawn and I had an exciting day. We first went to the National Aquarium where neither of us has been in over 10 years.

The aquarium had 3 new exhibits: Australia, Rain Forest, and Jellyfish exhibits.My favorite was the jellyfish exhibit where I found my new favorite sea creature, the Blue Blubber Jelly.

They are super cute! From the aquarium, we went to Kona Grill, an Asian and all things grilled. The food was delicious.

Then we ended the night with a comedy magic show at Illusions Bar and Lounge which was hilarious and very entertaining. Overall it was a great birthday and I loved my outfit. Get the look details below!

Orange jumpsuit: Windsor Store ($30)
Green Heels: Nordstrom Rack (on sale for $25) (plus my employee discount lol)

PS: My hair is also totally different! Post about this new look coming soon *hugs and kisses*

Happy Holidays!!!

Holiday Recap – Fourth of July *

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend.IMG_20160703_183915

I got to take a mini vacation and spend my holiday in Atlantic City, New Jersey with my boyfriend and his mom.

It was such a great time and a relaxing experience. We got to walk the boardwalk and do a little shopping.

IMG_20160704_114805I purchased an African Dashiki which will be shown in a post soon! I also got to eat at Rainforest Cafe for the first time which was really pretty and fun.

We walked on the beach for a bit and visited the numerous casinos scattered across Atlantic City. I didn’t gamble, but it was pretty cool to see how the different casinos were set up.
One of my favorite parts was going to the Atlantic City aquarium where I got to feed stingrays. It was a little scary to think about, but feeding them was pretty simple and cute to see.

We also saw The Legend of Tarzan in the IMAX theatre and that movie is a must see 🙂

Overall, it was a nice mini vacation and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Stay positive and Happy Hump Day!! ❤

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy sunny, beautiful Mother’s Day to all of the natural and spiritual memothers! I hope you all enjoy your day ❤

I want to thank all of my fellow women fashion bloggers who support my still fairly new blog and encourage me everyday to continue writing ^-^

I wanted to show all of you lovely readers my Mother’s Day outfit!

Today I wore a fitted sea foam green dress with a peplum-esque style on the sides. This is one of my favorite dresses and it only comes out on special occasions 🙂

I paired myme 2 dress with a big floppy straw hat with a black band around it. I also wore my newly purchased, black gladiator sandals which I am in love it!

For my accessories, of course, I wore my pearls! I wore a pearl necklace, pearl bracelets, and pearl earrings.

Overall, I think this outfit is very simple and chic, but also has a nice formal and classy touch to it.

Whatever you lovely ladies decide to do on this day, I hope you have a great time!

10 Little Ways to Make Your Partner’s Valentine’s Day Better

My favorite holiday is in exactly one week…Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even as a little kid in school giving cards to all of my classmates ^-^ Now that I am older and in an relationship, VDay is even more fun!

Here are 10 little ways to make your partner’s VDay even better. Enjoy!

1) Make them a list of all the things you love about them!

2) Cook them a romantic dinner. Include all of his/her fave foods!

3) Write them a cute, lovey-dovey poem.

4) Have a movie marathon. Watch all of his/her fave movies!

5) Give them a relaxing back rub.

6) Visit your favorite date spot!

7) Agree to do something fun and spontaneous!

8) Leave little love notes everywhere for them to find.

9) Dress nicely for them, even if you’re aren’t going out.

10) Say I love you!!!

Remember, Valentine’s Day can be every day. let your significant other know you love him or her each day of the week. xoxo ❤