Cyber Monday Wishlist

Happy first day of December everyone!! I hope everyone had a great time spending theWish-List holiday with friends and family.

Not only is today the first of December, it is also Cyber Monday, but since I am trying to spend less and save more, I am not doing my usual online shopping. But just because I can’t purchase items, doesn’t mean I can’t look at stylish items!

So here is my Cyber Monday Wishlist:

tina two tone onesieTina Two Tone Onesie
I think onesies are super adorable. They are perfect for lounging around in the house, keeping you warm, sleep overs, and relaxation days. This onesie in particular is really cute and stylish. I like the name of it (Tina Two Tone) and the two tone pattern is very unique. This Tina Two Tone Onesie is turquoise and gray and has two front pockets and a mini pocket on the back; it also comes with a hood! I found it on for $35.

Matchmaker Ring Quintetrings
This quintet consists of 5 rose-gold rings of varying textures. Some of the rings are studded, others are spiked, and others are simple, but still elegant. I love rose-gold colored jewelry and I love rings. When put together, the rings create a beautiful stacked look.  You can wear them all on one finger or on separate ones. However you choose to wear them, they will definitely look glamorous and will be a perfect accessory for any outfit. I found this ring quintet on BaubleBar for $48.

  Nomad Puddles Monet Rain Boots
rainbootsI love rainy days, not only because rain is beautiful, but also because I get to wear rain boots! Over the years, I’ve owned maybe 5 pairs of rain boots. Currently I only own one pair because I outgrew all of the others 😦 But that is why these lovely multicolored boots are on my wishlist. They are super chic and the bold abstract print will brighten up your rainy day. The colors work really well together and makes the boots look like a piece of artwork. I found these rain boots on for $44.95.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Cameracamera
I love to take pictures, but I only take them on my phone. I would love to have an actual camera to take even clearer, brighter, and bolder pictures. This Fujifilm camera would be perfect! I love that it is a mini camera because that makes it easier to travel with. It takes super high quality photos and comes in a variety of colors, such as sky blue, pink, and yellow. No this isn’t a clothing item, but you will look super stylish carrying around a brightly colored mini camera. It is a perfect accessory for road trips and travels abroad. I found this camera on for $100.

Well that’s my wishlist! I hope to be able to purchase all of these items around the Christmas/New Year season. I hope everyone found some good Cyber Monday deals today!


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