A Look Back

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I graduated high schoolgrad! It really doesn’t seem that long!

Since my official three year grad-anniversary was two days ago, I would love to share my graduation dress with all of my lovely readers.

I wore a white mermaid gown with ruching along the torso and down to my thighs. The bottom flared out like a mermaids tail and lightly touched the ground as I walked.

grad3On the side of it was a small flower and I paired this dress with white pointy toe heels, a pearl and silver necklace, and a pearl bracelet.

Also my hair has totally changed since these pictures. That was the first and only time ever dyed my hair and I was not natural at the time.

That style is called finger waves and now three years later I am natural and back to my normal hair color.
As you can see from my pictures, walking down the aisle to get me diploma really made me nervous. I was nervous about everyone taking my picture and I was also trying to focus on not tripping and falling!

Overall I loved my graduation dress and that day three years ago was super amazing!

What type of gown or dress did you wear on your high school graduation? I’m sure it was beautiful ❤


Graduation Fever!

I am sorry for not blogging as much as usual! I am out of school fograduationr summer and I am currently working, interning, and trying to relax as well!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Coral Buttons and I will try to post as much as I can! As you can see from the title, I have Graduation Fever!

All over social media I see graduation pictures, whether it’s from high school or college, it is still an awesome and super special occasion. My own high school graduation was almost three years ago (seems so unreal!) and my college graduation is next May.

I am super excited about graduating, of course, but I am also excited about decorating my graduation cap! I’ve seen so many beautiful, creative, and funny designs and I really can’t wait until I can design my own cap.

Here are a few of the lovely caps I found while gaining inspiration for my own cap ^-^

Wonder Woman Cap

I’ve seen a lot of superhero related caps and I think this one is perfect for any female graduate wanting to feel empowered, strong, and beautiful. 
wonderwoman cap
Cookie Monster Cap

Cookie Monster is one of my favorite characters! This cap is so adorable and creative!
cookie monster
Scripture Cap

I really love this cap because Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite scripture. It is motivational, inspirational, and a perfect scripture to have on a grad’s cap.
fave script

Bling & Bow Cap

This cap is perfect for girly girls and people who love bling and flashy jewelry. The colors are super pretty and this cap is one of the most stylish and fashionable ones I saw!


Which cap is your favorite? Did you decorate your graduation cap? I would love to see your lovely caps and I am open to ideas for my own cap ❤

Prom Season

Prom photos are appearing all over my social media accounts,keep-calm-it-s-prom-season so it is easy to say that it is prom season. I can’t believe that my own prom was just three years ago!

It is surreal to think that three years ago was my senior prom and in just one year I will be graduating college. Life is truly amazing ❤

In this post I wanted to show my lovely readers my chic prom look. It was an adventure finding my prom dress because I looked in at least 5 to 6 different place for my dress.

I didn’t really know what style of dress I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be blue or teal specifically since that is my favorite color. At one place I found a beautiful high-low, feathery light blue dress but it was wayyyy overpriced ($600 to be exact!).

prom2So I left the lovely feather dress behind and looked elsewhere. I went to a popular mall in my area and stumbled upon a store named Pretty Woman, which had dresses for all occasions.

I went in and found a gorgeous dress, my only problem with it was that it was black! I really didn’t want to wear black on my prom night, so I asked the owner if she could get the same dress in teal and that is how I found the gorgeous dress I wore to prom. (and it was only $80!)

My dress was a teal halter top A-line gown with rhinestones lined down the middle of it. It was ruched at the torso area and was floor length.

I paired the dress with dangling silver studded earrings, a lipromght blue and white corsage, and silver heels. My prom date, who is also my lovely boyfriend, matched me perfectly and I was super worried about matching because he hadn’t seen my dress until the day of prom!

He wore a teal button up shirt with a blue and white tie, a white vest, white dress pants, and sleek white dress shoes. Prom was a lot of fun and all of my classmates looked beautiful and handsome.

Prom was probably one of my most fashionable days ever lol ^-^