I Graduated!!!

Yesterday morning I got to walk across the stage at Hood College!!FB_IMG_1463335429711 (1)

I finished school is December 2015, but yesterday I officially graduated and I couldn’t have been happier. The weather was sunny and breezy, all of my classmates looked great, we had an excellent speaker, and I got to visit Frederick and Hood College again!

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Arts and my minor was Theatre & Drama. In the photos pictured throughout the post you will see me in my cap and gown, with my boyfriend and family, and in the dress I wore under the gown.
As I mentioned in a previous post,  I plan on working hard to become a fashion reporter and so that’s why I decorated my cap to say “Future Fashion Reporter,” with gorgeous blue and white ribbon.

FB_IMG_1463335419573The dress I wore was red and had a fit and flare style. I paired my dress with black heels and of course all of my favorite pearl bracelets. I also wore black and gold earrings.

On my gown I had a Hood College pin, the white hood, and numerous colorful cords from all of the clubs I participated in.

The speaker, Wil Haygood, gave a lot of inspirational and motivational advice. My favoriteFB_IMG_1463335404836 line he gave was that “sometimes we have to go down in order to get back up.” He also talked about second chances and if things don’t work out the first time, continue pushing for it.

After graduation I got to spend time with my family and eat great food, it was an awesome day 🙂

Remember to always follow your dreams. No dream or goal is unattainable. I believe in you! ❤




14 Things I’ll Miss About College

With only 2 weeks left before the end of my college experience, I am experiencing an array of emotions. I worked hard, had fun and had an awesome 3 ½ years at college. As I prepare for the next chapter in my life in a mere 14 days, I look back at 14 things I will definitely miss about college.

Free gym access
I already don’t really like working out, but if I can work out for free, why not do it!

Having all my friends in close proximity
After college is finished, all of your friends move back home and you can be miles and miles apart 😦

My awesome Communication Arts teachers
My major is Comm Arts and I loved my teachers from the very beginning. You can’t ask for better professors when they really want to see you succeed and does all they can to help.

Getting daily compliments on my outfits
I love putting outfits together and I love my style. The daily compliments really make me feel super chic!

Having weekends free to sleep in
I have no work, internship, or classes on the weekends, which is awesome because I can actually get more sleep! Unfortunately things won’t be that simple in the “real world.”

Making my own schedule
I love being in charge of my own schedule and having my days and weeks be planned out just how I like them to be.

Studying abroad
Going to college allowed me to study abroad last summer for a month in Seoul, South Korea. I made a post about it here! I am really thankful for that opportunity ❤

Free Wi-Fi
Even though the Wi-Fi was terrible at times, it was cool to walk around campus and have my iPad connect to WI-Fi wherever I went.

Having three month long summer vacations and one month long winter breaks
This is the best! Spending three months of no homework and classes and only having to worry about working a job. And having one month to take a break mid-semester and relax…just awesome.

Having a home away from home
College literally becomes another home for you. You spend most of your time there so of course you get a little attached to it and appreciate it when you need to take time away from your actual home.

Late night food and Walmart runs with friends
Running to Sonic, Waffle House, Taco Bell, and Walmart late at night is always spontaneous, fun, and yummy. I will miss those late night random car rides.

On campus ceremonies, events, and dances
My college, Hood College, has so many traditions and fun events that take place usually on a weekly basis. Not being able to attend those events after this semester is definitely going to be a little sad.

My internship at a fashion boutique named Velvet Lounge
I loved my internship at VL, and it definitely helped me realize that I want to go into the fashion world. I will miss the people there and the shopping!

Fun PE classes like badminton, yoga, ballet, and tai chi
The PE classes I took were all amazing and taught me that working out can be enjoyable and creative.

There’s so much more I will miss about college, but I think this is a pretty good list. Now to finish these next 2 weeks strong. Wish me luck everyone xoxo ❤

21st Birthday!

Yesterday was my 21st birthday!!! I am blessed to see and be able to celebrate 21 years 🙂

I had a busy and fun day! And I wore a super classy outfit which will be pictured throughout this post ❤puffie

My lovely boyfriend and I went on a date to a cute and cozy restaurant in Downtown Frederick, Maryland called Pizza & Pretzel Creations or better known as Pizza Pretzels.

Pizza Pretzel is known for making all of their pizzas with pretzel dough instead of normal dough. It is delicious!

My boyfriend and I ordered a pizza, one cinnamon and sugar pretzel, one butter pretzel, birch beer, and orange juice. After our meal we then went on a little walk.

It was a chilly and cloudy day, but still a wonderful day. We walked along Carrol Creek and stopped to take pictures.
Speaking of taking pictures, I have to mention what I wore! I wore a grayish blue long sleeved ribbed dress and paired it with cute black Steve Madden flats.

puffFor my accessories I wore long drop down earrings, a pearl necklace, and pearl bracelets. In case you didn’t know…I love pearls!!!

I also took out my braid extensions this past Sunday so I was rocking my beautiful Afro on my birthday!

Back to the story now ^-^ After our walk up the creek and mini photo shoot, we went to the library. The library was super warm which was great since it was so chilly outside.

We stayed in the library for about an hour and a half, relaxing, reading magazines and books and just enjoying spending time with each other.

After visiting the library we headed back to my school because I had to go to my sign language class. After class, my boyfriend, roommate, a few friends, and I went out to Fridays to eat, drink, and celebrate my birthday!

It was a relaxing and fun birthday. And how awesome is it that this is my 60th blog post!!! ❤

Have a lovely rest of your week everyone xoxo

A Look Back at my Time in Seoul

Its crazy to think that this time last year I was just returning home from my planemonth-long trip to Seoul, South Korea. This was my first time on a plane and my first time leaving the country. As you can guess, there was a mixture of fear and excitement during the whole way there.

I’m obsessed with the Asian culture so I’m truly happy that my first experience abroad was to an Asian location.  My first plane ride was 13 hours yukatalong. I was actually more excited about riding in a plane than nervous, which was a good thing.

After that plane ride I had a 2 hr layover in Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, which was super exciting because Tokyo is #1 on my travel bucket list. I could only stay at the airport though, but it just felt great to be in Japan.

I took a lot of pictures of the items I saw in the shops in Tokyo such as the Yukata pictured above and vIncheonarious food and souvenirs.My next plane ride was from Tokyo to Incheon Airport in Seoul.

I stayed in Incheon Airport overnight because the actual program didn’t start until the next day, July 1st. The next morning all I could think about was the people I would meet, food I would try, and the awesome time I would have during my stay in this amazing and beautiful new country.

SWUMy Resident Assistant (RA), Kevin, picked me and a few other students up from the airport and we all rode a bus to Seoul Women’s University (SWU) where we would all stay for the next month. Students from all over the world came to SWU for this program in Korea titled Bahrom International Program or BIP for short. Joey Yoo was the person in charge of the BIP aroom in Koreand he did a great job at running it!

Everyone lived in dorms with Korean girls who attended SWU. My room number was 505! I made great friends with my room RA Kevin and the 6 Korean students who were my roommates, as well. A picture of my room is shown on the right! ^-^

So many awesome events were prepared for us during this adventure. All of us had to attend classes on topics such as Korean dance, costume, food, language, and film.

In the classes we got to learn a Korean dance and how to danhanboksce with a fan. We also watched a classic Korean film.  I tried on a traditional Korean costume called a Hanbok, which was super pretty (pictured ….) and we learned how to bow while wearing the Hanboks (pictured on the left).
In one class we made traditional Korean food and got to taste it.Speaking of food…I love Korean snacks and desserts! I got addicted to these delicious cookies called Couque Dasse and a shaved ice dessert called Bingsu (pictured on the right).
When we weren’t in class we got to visit numerous places and landmarks throughout South Korea such as the border between North and South Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeongju, and Icheon Pottery Village. We also went on a cruise of the Han River and saw a NANTA Performance!

All of the dorm rooms participated in a talent show for $15,000 Won, Korean money. There were fun Trick Eye Museumcompetitive games we played for snack prizes. We also got to learn how to play traditional Korean instruments!

One of my many favorite parts of this trip was called Homestay. As the name suggests, the students from other countries got the chance to spend one entire day and one night at the home of one of theclosing ceremony Korean students. It was an amazing day because I got to visit an optical illusion museum and watched Korean dramas at my Homestay buddy’s house. It was great to see how another culture eats and lives on a daily basis.

Of course this post doesn’t describe everything I did on the trip because that would take foreverrr, but it does give a wonderful overview of my time there. And sadly, after 4 amazing weeks in Seoul, I had to go back home. There was a really emotional closing ceremony that everyone attended where we had to say goodbye to all of the SWU girls we m505 sillyet and the RA’s and the other staff.  To the left is my RA Kevin and the ladies of 505 being silly on one of our last days together 🙂

There was never a dull moment during this trip and I truly feel blessed to have been able to attend BIP and live on SWU’s campus! This was a trip of a lifetime and I definitely plan on going back some day.

Until next time Seoul, Ahn Nyeong Hee Ga Se Yo (goodbye in Korean)!!! ❤