Homemade Smoothies

There has been a Ninja blender sitting on the kitchen counter for months untouched so I finally decided to put it to a good use. I made a homemade smoothie and it turned out delicious!

Take a look at the recipe and process below!


4 ice cubes
One whole apple
Half cup of raspberries & strawberries
Half cup of milk (I prefer Silk Soymilk!)


Non-food Items Needed:

To do:

Blend for about 3 mins and enjoy ❤



Living Healthier

For at least a few months now, I have been trying to eat, drink, and overall, live healthier.

That requires drinking a lot more water than I normally would, eating healthier snacks, and cutting out greasy and super sugary items. (I know it sounds terrible lol) I think my journey is going well and it can only get better.

Today I went into Whole Foods, a store I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now. They call themselves “Americas Healthiest Grocery Store,” and I have to agree. Walking in you see recycling bins everywhere, brown paper bags and even the smell of it is healthy.

All of the items I saw were packaged in earthy looking bags in shades of browns and greens. Enough fangirling over the store now!

I brought a kale Caesar salad with salmon in it and a peach smoothie. It was a great meal 🙂
I really want to get into some dance classes, yoga classes, or start regularly exercising on my own. That’s the next step in my healthy living journey.

Even if you aren’t as healthy or as fit as you wish to be, remember to love yourself and your body and to always be positive because you are gorgeous! ❤

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21st Birthday!

Yesterday was my 21st birthday!!! I am blessed to see and be able to celebrate 21 years 🙂

I had a busy and fun day! And I wore a super classy outfit which will be pictured throughout this post ❤puffie

My lovely boyfriend and I went on a date to a cute and cozy restaurant in Downtown Frederick, Maryland called Pizza & Pretzel Creations or better known as Pizza Pretzels.

Pizza Pretzel is known for making all of their pizzas with pretzel dough instead of normal dough. It is delicious!

My boyfriend and I ordered a pizza, one cinnamon and sugar pretzel, one butter pretzel, birch beer, and orange juice. After our meal we then went on a little walk.

It was a chilly and cloudy day, but still a wonderful day. We walked along Carrol Creek and stopped to take pictures.
Speaking of taking pictures, I have to mention what I wore! I wore a grayish blue long sleeved ribbed dress and paired it with cute black Steve Madden flats.

puffFor my accessories I wore long drop down earrings, a pearl necklace, and pearl bracelets. In case you didn’t know…I love pearls!!!

I also took out my braid extensions this past Sunday so I was rocking my beautiful Afro on my birthday!

Back to the story now ^-^ After our walk up the creek and mini photo shoot, we went to the library. The library was super warm which was great since it was so chilly outside.

We stayed in the library for about an hour and a half, relaxing, reading magazines and books and just enjoying spending time with each other.

After visiting the library we headed back to my school because I had to go to my sign language class. After class, my boyfriend, roommate, a few friends, and I went out to Fridays to eat, drink, and celebrate my birthday!

It was a relaxing and fun birthday. And how awesome is it that this is my 60th blog post!!! ❤

Have a lovely rest of your week everyone xoxo