Green is my color for 2018!

Happy Friday lovelies!

Hope you had a great week and I hope you are still going strong with Motivational March. I’ve recently fallen in love with the color green and noticed that a lot of the clothes I’ve been purchasing have been green!


My friends and coworkers tell me that shades of green such as olive and emerald look great on me, so I am starting to embrace the color. Be prepared to see a lot of green on my blog this year!

For the outfit featured in this post, I paired a green crop top from Forever 21 with a pair of black, ribbed knit flare pants from Topshop.


I love Topshop because their clothes are super trendy and comfortable. These pants have a lot of stretch in them and makes my legs and booty look great. To finish off my green look, I wore lime hightop converses.


I would consider this look sporty chic with a dash of cozy. Do you have a color set for your 2018 wardrobe?


And I didn’t forget today’s goal for day 16 of Motivational March: work towards breaking a bad habit and starting a new good habit!

Tell me what bad habit you are breaking and replacing with a good habit and your color for 2018 in the comments below!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Dressing for a LA Winter

On a beautiful, sunny, winter day in LA I was able to wear this cute streetwear inspired look.

I paired a black dress with a rust colored Topshop hoodie along with colorful Converses.


It’s funny experiencing winter in LA. Here I wear a light jacket and short dresses and skirts in the middle of winter. Back at my hometown of Baltimore, I would be bundling up in a big coat and preparing for snow!

I decided to pose with some patio lounge chairs and it made for a nice backdrop. The sun definitely helped highlight my facial features and made my hoodie’s color pop.


The hoodie can also easily be paired with jeans, shorts, or a denim skirt. In a few months apring, my favorite season, will be here and I’ll still be able to rock my hoodie because it is lightweight.


Speaking of spring approaching, I can’t believe that January will be coming to an end in just a few days! I hope that your 2018 is off to a great start.

Stay focused on your goals and stay stylish. Enjoy your weekend!


Jersey Bomber Jacket

At heart, I am a total preppy, dressy, girly-girl, but every once in a while I like to step outside of the box and wear something a little more sporty.

I recently invested in a jersey bomber jacket which I love! It is a gorgeous cream color with white and black stripes on the bottom, collar, and sleeves.

I purchased this lovely jacket from a cute store called Charlotte Russe. I paired the jacket with black Calvin Klein jeans and rainbow converses…those shoes are amazing!


What do you think of my sporty look? Leave a like and comment below to tell me ❤

Boots, TOMS, and Chucks! Oh my!

Wearing chic and unique shoes is a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfits.shoes2

Today I am giving you a look into my world of stylish, colorful, and sparkly shoes. I love all of the shoes in my closet, but a few of my favorites are my boots, TOMS, and Chucks.

For those of you who don’t know, Chuck Taylor is considered to be the face of the Converse brand, so “Chucks” is a nickname for the shoes. For all of you who did know, give yourself a pat on the back.

Now let’s take a look at my


My Brown, Sparkly Boots!

unnamed        2

Last year, I bought these boots for $30 from Delia’s. When I was younger, I called boots like this “rough girl boots” because they looked less girly and more tomboyish. I really love the sparkles lining the backs of the boots and at the toe. These boots pair well with an oversized sweater and skinny jeans and they are perfect for the fall weather.

My Cowboy Boots!


I’ve always wanted cowboy boots because they are super cute, stylish, and out of the norm. They are brown, leather, and have a small heel. Even with a heel, they are still very comfortable to walk around in. My lovely boyfriend purchased them for me for $75 at Bakers. My cowboy boots look really nice with a summer dress or with jeans and a button up.

My Glitter TOMS!


My black, glitter TOMS look gorgeous when the sun hits them because they sparkle and shimmer. These TOMS can be dressed up or down and that’s why I love them. They were bought at a quaint shop in downtown Frederick called Velvet Lounge.

They were on sale for $20 and that was a great deal because TOMS aren’t cheap! TOMS is an awesome brand because buying a product from them helps raise money for someone less fortunate. The brand’s motto is “With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.”

My Rainbow Chucks!


I love these Converses. They have multiple, rainbow tongues and they have rainbow shoe laces. I’ve had them for about five years now and they still look pretty good.

One reason why I love Chucks is because when they get old and weathered they still look stylish. I got these from Journeys, but I don’t remember the price. If you look on Journeys’ site, they may still have them!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my shoe world. Now go out and teach someone the word Chucks!

chucks 2