The Neon Dancer

Hello my lovelies! I would like to let all of you in on a little secret: I love to dance!

life is better dance My freshman year of college I took a ballet class and a jazz class and those classes are really what sparked my interest in dancing. In those classes I learned a lot about motion, having control of my body, flexibility, expressing myself through dance, and of course some ballet and jazz routines and techniques.

Those classes changed the way I listened to music. Instead of just listening to the lyrics and the beat of a song, in my head, I started to create dances for the songs.

So now in my spare time or even in the shower, I love to listen to music and create dance routines for the songs. I would love to perform some of my dances someday in talent shows or dance expos. ddance

Currently, I am taking two more dance classes: contemporary/modern dance and social dance. With this post, I wanted to show you lovelies the bright, bold, and colorful outfit I wore to my dance classes today.

Dancing is a form of exercise, so wearing loose and comfortable clothing that you can move around freely in is extremely important. This is why I decided to wear a cute, loose graphic tee and neon pink dance

The graphic tee has an array of colors, patterns, and designs on it. One of my favorite parts of this shirt is the gorgeous lady on the front with a pretty pink bow in her hair and an “Oops” thought bubble in the background.

Now for the bottom portion of my outfit…the joggers. I adore these joggers! They are super comfortable and soft and they are a casual item, but they still look quite chic.

The joggers have strings on the front, which I tied in a bow, a tiny diamond pattern on them, and my favorite part: the zippers on the side! Overall, this outfit is simple, colorful, and stylish, and made for an amazing dance class outfit!

What are some of your hidden talents and secrets? Do you love to dance, sing, or even act? Leave your responses below! ❤


Pinterest + Inspiration = Pinspiration!

PinterestI love Pinterest! Whenever I have the time to relax, I pin, pin pin! I have 25 boards on Pinterest, but one of my favorite boards is called Model Behavior. This board is filled with pins showing cute clothes, accessories, outfits,and shoes that I would love to own.

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite pins from Model Behavior!

1) I love this outfit so much! This outfit has a Snow or Ice Princess look to it. The colors are very crisp, light, and pretty. She layered a crystal necklace on top of a cute mint chiffon top. She paired the top with a white skater skirt and a cream belt. To complete this super stylish look, she wore gorgeous, silver studded heels.

2) This look is simple, but very elegant. This outfit can be worn on numerous occasions. It is simple and classy enough to be worn to work, but still cute and flirty enough to be worn on a date. The beautiful white and black polka dot blouse is paired with a yellow, pleated, midi skirt. What really made me fall in love with this skirt is the mini bow right around the waist. Adorable!

3)  This outfit is super girly and playful. The tank top is plain, but the lace back makes the top stylish and adorable. A big statement necklace isn’t needed with a shirt like this, so the simple, gold necklace works perfectly with this outfit. I love the skirt; it is a beautiful turquoise color and has baby blue polka dots on it. The skirt is paired with a brown belt, which accentuates her waist. Pair this outfit with cream or nude flats and it will look amazing.

4) This look is really preppy and I love preppy outfits! This is a very cozy and chic outfit. Tucking the white button up into the tan pleated skirt, makes the outfit look stylish and well put together. Once again, a brown belt is worn to help draw attention to her waist. A long, gold necklace is worn and worn over the button up is a cute oversized, blue cardigan. The black knee highs and oxfords are really what makes this outfit preppy and awesome.

You have just seen four gorgeous looks! If you want to see more gorgeous looks and a lot of other cool topics, sign up for Pinterest! It’s amazing!

Dressing your Best, Leads to Success

You can look professional and still look stylish. Just because a pantsuit, slacks and a button up, or a business-like dress is required in a workplace, does not mean you have to lose your sense of style. I am a fashion rebel, so I will still look professional and presentable, but I will make sure my personality shines through as well.

Neutral colors such as gray, brown, and black are popular colors in the business world because they are calmer than bold prints and bright colors. I believe that you can wear a bold print or a bright color and still look professional; I do it all the time!
If you are a colorful person, like myself, you might want to wear a sunny yellow blazer to an interview. Pair that yellow blazer with a black sheath or shift dress, and the outfit looks classy, professional, and still has your personal touch.
Accessories are another great way to turn your business attire from “Plain Jane” to “Stylish Sue!” One of my favorite ways to accessorize my professional look is with a clutch handbag.
A clutch is usually a tiny bag that is small enough to fit in your hand or under your arm. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they add chicness to an already super sleek and sophisticated outfit.main_4
Businesses that encourage creativity, will probably want you to dress modern, trendy, and colorful. Figuring out what not to wear in a business environment, is a lot easier than figuring out what to wear.
Anything that you wouldn’t want your granny, mother, or pastor seeing you wearing, you probably shouldn’t wear it to work or to an interview.
Once you know you personality and what colors make you feel the most confident, you can easily include those colors into your professional looks. I have a colorful personality, so it is easy for me to add my personality into what I wear because I just add color.
Whatever your personality is, just remember to create outfits that make you feel beautiful and confident. Whenever you need some inspiration about how to dress in the business world, think about this phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”