Hey hey!

This #ootd is actually from my birthday which was November 18th, but life has been a little busy since then with Thanksgiving and flying back home to Maryland from LA to visit my family! 🙂


I don’t have many pictures from visiting my family because I was trying to focus on spending time with everyone and staying disconnected from social media as much as I could.

I did however take a lot of pictures on my birthday so I hope you like my outfit pictured throughout this post!


This dress was actually given to me by one of my previous coworkers…thanks Kelly! It fits great and it is super flattering.

I got my blue heels from Macys last year for my birthday and I thought that it would be a cool tradition to wear them every year on my birthday until I forget or outgrow them lol.


On my birthday, Shawn and I just went to the movies and out to eat at a restaurant called Sizzler. Have any of you eaten there before? It was yummy!

I am blessed to see another year and sorry for the late post showcasing this outfit, but let me know in the comments below if you like it! Enjoy your week lovelies!



Playful Puffballs

I went to the hairdresser recently to get my ends trimmed and to make sure my hair was healthy overall…which it is! Yay! ^-^
I was looking for something fun and different to do with my hair and I really looovveeeddd the idea of puffballs and luckily my hairdresser made that happen for me.

My new look for a bit is 2 mini puffs with a part straight down the middle and then have the rest of my hair out and curly in the back.

It’s a super easy style to maintain and I think it is super adorable. My ultimate goal is to have 2 huge puffballs, but for now I am rocking my mini puffs.

The picture included in this post to the bottom right is of IMG_20160803_185740Shawn and I after our hairdresser date. Fresh from the hairdresser, with our ends trimmed and feeling beautiful 🙂

The other photo pictured top left is from a photo shoot I did recently for my fashion show that will take place Saturday, as mentioned before in my previous post.

In that picture I am also rocking a little bit of pink blush and purple lipstick, which is a new look for me.

So far I am loving my cute mini puffballs and look forward to more growth!!! ❤



I Graduated!!!

Yesterday morning I got to walk across the stage at Hood College!!FB_IMG_1463335429711 (1)

I finished school is December 2015, but yesterday I officially graduated and I couldn’t have been happier. The weather was sunny and breezy, all of my classmates looked great, we had an excellent speaker, and I got to visit Frederick and Hood College again!

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Arts and my minor was Theatre & Drama. In the photos pictured throughout the post you will see me in my cap and gown, with my boyfriend and family, and in the dress I wore under the gown.
As I mentioned in a previous post,  I plan on working hard to become a fashion reporter and so that’s why I decorated my cap to say “Future Fashion Reporter,” with gorgeous blue and white ribbon.

FB_IMG_1463335419573The dress I wore was red and had a fit and flare style. I paired my dress with black heels and of course all of my favorite pearl bracelets. I also wore black and gold earrings.

On my gown I had a Hood College pin, the white hood, and numerous colorful cords from all of the clubs I participated in.

The speaker, Wil Haygood, gave a lot of inspirational and motivational advice. My favoriteFB_IMG_1463335404836 line he gave was that “sometimes we have to go down in order to get back up.” He also talked about second chances and if things don’t work out the first time, continue pushing for it.

After graduation I got to spend time with my family and eat great food, it was an awesome day 🙂

Remember to always follow your dreams. No dream or goal is unattainable. I believe in you! ❤



21st Birthday!

Yesterday was my 21st birthday!!! I am blessed to see and be able to celebrate 21 years 🙂

I had a busy and fun day! And I wore a super classy outfit which will be pictured throughout this post ❤puffie

My lovely boyfriend and I went on a date to a cute and cozy restaurant in Downtown Frederick, Maryland called Pizza & Pretzel Creations or better known as Pizza Pretzels.

Pizza Pretzel is known for making all of their pizzas with pretzel dough instead of normal dough. It is delicious!

My boyfriend and I ordered a pizza, one cinnamon and sugar pretzel, one butter pretzel, birch beer, and orange juice. After our meal we then went on a little walk.

It was a chilly and cloudy day, but still a wonderful day. We walked along Carrol Creek and stopped to take pictures.
Speaking of taking pictures, I have to mention what I wore! I wore a grayish blue long sleeved ribbed dress and paired it with cute black Steve Madden flats.

puffFor my accessories I wore long drop down earrings, a pearl necklace, and pearl bracelets. In case you didn’t know…I love pearls!!!

I also took out my braid extensions this past Sunday so I was rocking my beautiful Afro on my birthday!

Back to the story now ^-^ After our walk up the creek and mini photo shoot, we went to the library. The library was super warm which was great since it was so chilly outside.

We stayed in the library for about an hour and a half, relaxing, reading magazines and books and just enjoying spending time with each other.

After visiting the library we headed back to my school because I had to go to my sign language class. After class, my boyfriend, roommate, a few friends, and I went out to Fridays to eat, drink, and celebrate my birthday!

It was a relaxing and fun birthday. And how awesome is it that this is my 60th blog post!!! ❤

Have a lovely rest of your week everyone xoxo