Dresses are my fave!

One clothing item I could wear forever are dresses! They are so easy to wear and have a style for every occasion. 20180913_133532Want to go for a walk, but still look cute, wear a sundress. If you are going to a party, wear a cocktail dress. Attending a black tie wedding, a fit and flare gown will look gorgeous!

Any event you need to attend, you can wear a dress for that occasion. I wore the dress pictured in this post is for a dinner date with my boyfriend Shawn. 20180913_133357I wanted to wear something flattering, but also fun. The bold pattern on my dress, paired with the pop of orange makes this a stylish look. The best part of this dress is that it has pockets!

All my ladies know that we love when dresses have pockets, it makes the outfit 10 times better 🙂

I actually recieved this dress as a gift from one of my former coworkers so I’m not sure how much it cost. The shoes I paired with the dress are white BP flats from Nordstrom that cost around $20. 20180913_133326

What’s a clothing item you could wear forever and never get tired of? Maybe it’s a dress for you to or maybe it’s button up shirts; let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to relax and stop and smell the flowers often!l20180913_133606

Motivational March

Happy first day of March! If you follow me on Instagram @coralbuttons then you already know that I dubbed this month as Motivational March.

I decided that each day in March I will set small daily goals to achieve. Some days it will be personal or health goals, other days career goals, some days a blend!

Goals for Day 1:

Say 3 positive things to myself

I’m starting the month off right by continuing to stay positive and keep negative thoughts out of my mind and mouth. More positive energy you put out, the better you feel.

Say a positive thing to 3 people

Why not spread the positive vibes! Everybody can use encouragement because you never know what someone is truly going through. I want to help uplift others however I can.

Drink 3 bottles of water

I’m doing this to strengthen my hair, nails, and skin and because I want to take better care of my body! Putting healthy food and more water into my diet allows me to feel less sluggish and more productive.

Are you going to join me for Motivational March?

Write down your own daily goals in the comments below and stop by Coral Buttons weekly (sometimes more!) to stay updated with my goal progress.

Have a great weekend!

Breaking Fashion Rules!

Good morning everyone and happy almost weekend! Today I want to focus on a topic that I am really passionate about: breaking fashion rules.

I am sure that you’ve heard one, some, or all of these rules listed below:

1) Dont wear white after labor day
2) Don’t mix prints or patterns
3) Sequins or sparkle is only for nighttime
4) Everyone should have *insert item here* in their wardrobe

If I had a way to delete these fashion rules and others from our society I would! I recently wore the outfit pictured in this post which “broke” one of the rules: mixing prints.

Both my top and skirt were tribal print but different variations of it. Some people would literally freak out over that, but I don’t.

Fashion is all about creating your own style and being original. So when I wear a black and white crop top with a seafoam green skirt, both with patterns on them, I should feel stylish and chic and not have to worry about breaking rules.

I paired this look with black heels because of the black in my top, and I felt that it truly tied the look together. I want to encourage you to break these fashion rules and others on a daily basis.

If you want to wear white after labor day, do so, white is a great color to wear as jeans, tops, shoes and even accessories. Sequins and sparkle are perfectly fine any time of the day whether you are just going out for a walk in the park, to work, or out to party.

Also, don’t worry about that one item everyone should have in their wardrobe because you don’t want to dress like everyone else. Have items in your closet that you love.

I hope this post motivated you to break these rules and do fashion your way; have fun with it!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Fresh & Fulfilled February

Happy 2nd day of February everyone! Can you believe that one month of 2017 has already gone by? It’s amazing!ff2

Are you all sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions so far or achieving all the goals you set for yourself? Hopefully you are and if you need a little push, I believe in you! 🙂

I came into 2017 focused on my future, planning, career, relationships, and of course my goals.

Recently, I decided to set small, progressive goals for every week in February and possibly even after this month. I am doing this because goal setting is important, keeps you balanced and on track, and it definitely feels great when you achieve them!
ff1This weeks goal was to focus on self-love and take extra care of my body. As you mightve seen in my previous blog post here, I made a smoothie which was delicious, healthy, and great for my body.

I also did a cleansing facial wash which was relaxing, refreshing, and left my skin feeling super soft and smooth. Sometimes you have to take time to focus on your body and just love yourself a little extra!

Would you be willing to give the weekly goal setting challenge a try? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies ❤

Thank You Good Samaritan

This won’t be an average post and you will soon see why ❤

Dear Umbrella Lady,

I called you by that name because you gave my boyfriend and I an umbrella in the pouring down rain, a few days ago, after we came from our IHOP date.IMG_20160721_093852

You didn’t have to stop your car in traffic and shout out the window that you have an umbrella for us, but you did.

And I think more people should be as considerate and gracious as you are. I am thankful that there are still people in this world who truly care about others. You made our day.

A Not Rain-Soaked Couple ^-^

P.S. The flowers are from my job and they look beautiful and this is a beautiful post…hence the flowers lol.

Stay positive and lovely everyone!!! 

Love the skin you’re in

My words to you: Love Yourself!!!IMG_20160711_123435

With all of the negativity in our world today, it is extremely important to love and take care of yourself.

Don’t worry about materialistic things and don’t focus on what you did wrong, missed out on, failed at, etc.

Look at yourself everyday and say “You are beautiful, amazing, intelligent, successful.”

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, determined, and positive when it IMG_20160711_195823seems like the entire world is against you, but you can do it.

This post is meant to inspire and uplift. Recently, I wore a dashiki shirt and I felt so in touch with my black culture and I felt so comfortable in my own skin.

I paired my dashiki with black skinny jeans and red TOMS.I also still have my long twists, so I decided to add dread beads to them on the same day I decided to rock my dashiki.

Every once in a while you have to get back in touch with your roots and truly love the skin, body, mind, and spirit God blessed you with.

So I know it’s hard to live in this world and during this age but remember…You Got This!!!

Love, Tati ❤


Living Healthier

For at least a few months now, I have been trying to eat, drink, and overall, live healthier.

That requires drinking a lot more water than I normally would, eating healthier snacks, and cutting out greasy and super sugary items. (I know it sounds terrible lol) I think my journey is going well and it can only get better.

Today I went into Whole Foods, a store I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now. They call themselves “Americas Healthiest Grocery Store,” and I have to agree. Walking in you see recycling bins everywhere, brown paper bags and even the smell of it is healthy.

All of the items I saw were packaged in earthy looking bags in shades of browns and greens. Enough fangirling over the store now!

I brought a kale Caesar salad with salmon in it and a peach smoothie. It was a great meal 🙂
I really want to get into some dance classes, yoga classes, or start regularly exercising on my own. That’s the next step in my healthy living journey.

Even if you aren’t as healthy or as fit as you wish to be, remember to love yourself and your body and to always be positive because you are gorgeous! ❤

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