How to plan an amazing trip!

I am excited to announce that tomorrow my boyfriend and I will be leaving for a 5 day vacation! I will reveal the place within the next few blog posts, with pictures of course!

Planning a vacation can be time consuming and stressful, no matter how long or short the trip…but it doesn’t have to be! Take a look at the tips below to learn how to plan an amazing, stress free, and fun vacation.

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#1 Decide where you want to go
This is obviously one of the main hurdles you have to leap over when planning your trip. Deciding whether you want to go abroad or stay closer to home will help you pick the perfect location.

#2 Research the place you picked
Don’t just choose a place because your friends think the hotels are nice. You have to do your own research and decide if the place suits your needs and wants for your time away from home.

#3 Book your trip
This is where it gets exciting! After you decide on your place and research it to make sure you really want to travel there, it is time to purchase your flight and hotel. I personally prefer purchasing the flight and hotel together in a package through an airlines site, but booking both parts separately works as well!

#4 Think about what to pack & make a listImage result for travel

Of course you don’t have to pack the minute after you booked your trip, but within the week of your trip you definitely should start brainstorming what you plan on bringing with you. A list will help you make sure that you have all of your essentials.

#5 Think of activities to do
You don’t to get to your vacation spot and have no idea what to do. Your entire trip doesn’t have to be planned out, but having three big activities you would definitely like to do while you are away is a great start.

#6 Start packing
Read over your list and grab your suitcase because its finally time to start packing! Make sure to not over stuff your bags and suitcases and bring one or two extra items that you didn’t have on your list just in case but no more than that!

#7 Head to the airport for your flight
The day has come to finally board your plane. Make sure you arrive to the airport an hour before you flight to get through security, check in, and be standing by your gate when it’s time for your flight to leave.

#8 Enjoy your vacation
This tip is self explanatory…have fun!

Hope these tips helped you if you are struggling with planning a vacation currently or if you plan on going on vacation in the near future!

Also, can you guess where we are going on vacation?? Hint: it’s a tropical location..I know it’s so many tropical places to choose from, but I am sure someone will guess correctly!

Leave a comment below saying what you think about my list and with you guess of where my vacation is!

Talk to you all when I get back home,
Love Tati ❤

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