Heat Wave & Beach Waves

It is really starting to feel like summer!!IMG_20160719_134337

Here in Baltimore we have been having 90+ degree days, but it has been feeling like the triple digits. I know, it’s crazy I haven’t melted yet!

On a day off last week, I took a trip with my family to beautiful Sandy Point State Park. It has pretty clear water and a wonderful view of the bay bridge.

IMG_20160719_122633.jpgThe water was just the right temperature to help me cool off on that hot day. At the beach I wore a floral printed bathing suit top, which I knotted in the front.

And I paired the top with red shorts. I don’t know how to swim yet, but it is definitely a goal!

IMG_20160719_125347.jpgI enjoyed floating around in the water with my dad and younger brother. Every once in a while it is nice to get away from the city life and dive into the ocean.

Other ways to stay cool is, of course, drinking water, or eating yummy snowballs, or relaxing by the pool all day- I wish lol

Make sure you visit the beach sometime this summer and stay cool!!! ❤


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