Thank You Good Samaritan

This won’t be an average post and you will soon see why ❤

Dear Umbrella Lady,

I called you by that name because you gave my boyfriend and I an umbrella in the pouring down rain, a few days ago, after we came from our IHOP date.IMG_20160721_093852

You didn’t have to stop your car in traffic and shout out the window that you have an umbrella for us, but you did.

And I think more people should be as considerate and gracious as you are. I am thankful that there are still people in this world who truly care about others. You made our day.

A Not Rain-Soaked Couple ^-^

P.S. The flowers are from my job and they look beautiful and this is a beautiful post…hence the flowers lol.

Stay positive and lovely everyone!!! 


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