Love the skin you’re in

My words to you: Love Yourself!!!IMG_20160711_123435

With all of the negativity in our world today, it is extremely important to love and take care of yourself.

Don’t worry about materialistic things and don’t focus on what you did wrong, missed out on, failed at, etc.

Look at yourself everyday and say “You are beautiful, amazing, intelligent, successful.”

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, determined, and positive when it IMG_20160711_195823seems like the entire world is against you, but you can do it.

This post is meant to inspire and uplift. Recently, I wore a dashiki shirt and I felt so in touch with my black culture and I felt so comfortable in my own skin.

I paired my dashiki with black skinny jeans and red TOMS.I also still have my long twists, so I decided to add dread beads to them on the same day I decided to rock my dashiki.

Every once in a while you have to get back in touch with your roots and truly love the skin, body, mind, and spirit God blessed you with.

So I know it’s hard to live in this world and during this age but remember…You Got This!!!

Love, Tati ❤



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