First Snow of 2016!

Today it snowed in Baltimore! Yes, it is very very light and only sticking to the grass, but it is great to see it.Snow-Day

Snow is so pretty and peaceful and as a new college grad with many things to worry and stress about, peace is very important.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been busy applying for jobs and working hard to stay positive and motivated in my time of transitioning.

Luckily, I have a follow up interview on Tuesday for a job working at the Baltimore Oriolesselfie one Stadium. It’s not in the fashion realm like I really want, but baby steps…I will get to my dream job soon.

But enough about that…I realized I haven’t really shown my face in a blog post in a while so I inserted a snow flurry selfie I took today, even though you can’t see the snow because it is so light 😦 but that’s ok ❤

Wish me luck on my interview on Tuesday and remember to stay positive amidst all your worries and stress. Try to change negatives to positives!!!

Have a lovely week everyone xoxo


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