Challenge Week: You are a Difference Maker <3

Your challenge: write a positive note to a stranger or say something uplifting to a stranger every day

It’s Monday, the day most people dread because it’s the first day back from a hopefully fun and relaxing weekend. Instead of having the Monday blues, why not try to start this week off on a positive note.

Everyone has problems they are facing and situations that are stressing them out. One kind word or phrase, a smile, a hug, or even just waving hello to someone can make their day and even their week brighter and better.

Why should you take this challenge?

1) Telling someone something as simple as “you are beautiful,” “you can make it,” or “don’t give up,” can truly help get someone out of a terrible funk.motivate

2) Knowing that you said something positive and uplifting to someone will actually make you feel pretty awesome about yourself.

3) Wouldn’t you want someone to lift up your spirits when you are going through tough times? I think so!

4) You might make a friend!

5) By sharing a positive message, you might get one in return that could help you overcome the challenges you are currently facing.

Lastly, and what I feel is the most important reason for why you should take this challenge, is because…

6) We need more positivity in this world. With so many problems regarding violence, crime, abuse, depression, suicide, and so many more issues, it is difficult for people to stay strong, motivated, and happy. You reaching out to one person can cause that person to speak positivity to another person and the chain continues. We will be on our way to a happier life and world.

It’s not a tough challenge and I definitely plan on doing it. You should consider it too! Who knows how much you will help that one stranger out?

And here is the start to my challenge on this lovely Monday morning: Everyone reading this is amazing, strong, and beautiful. All of you have something you are passionate about and dreams you hope to reach. Don’t give up on your dreams and definitely don’t give up on yourself. You are stronger than you think!

Have a wonderful and uplifting week everyone!


16 thoughts on “Challenge Week: You are a Difference Maker <3

  1. What a beautiful challenge! I’m certainly on board for spreading positivity and being kind to others, it’s the best way to live in my opinion for the sake of others as well as yourself! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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