New Hair, Blogoversary, and More!!!

Hello wonderful ladies and gentlemen! I’ve missed you all ❤DSC_0015~2

Sorry I’ve been away for a little while. My last semester of college is very busy and packed with things to do such as my 2 internships, 6 classes, and working!

But I am making it and am almost done college…yay! Sooo much has happened over these past few weeks!

In case you didn’t notice, I don’t know how you couldn’t have 😛 But Coral Buttons got a few lovely changes. I celebrated my one year Blogoversary on September 17th…congrats to Coral Buttons!!! *fireworks, balloons, cake*

outfitSo in honor of my Blogoversary I decided to update my blog a little bit to keep things fresh, new, funky, and chic!

Also, last weekend I got a new hairstyle that I never had before! I got extensions in a style called Marley Twists.

The twists are so lightweight and easy to manage and I think they look super adorable. My hair is up in a bun with half of the twists hanging down in the back.

Recently, I just took out the bun, so pictures of that to come soon! I also got a new clothing item that I would love to show off to my gorgeous readers called a cape.

In the picture you see the light coral colored cape. Literally, you throw the cape over anything and it adds a fancier feel to it.outfit2

For church this past Sunday I wore my cape over a fitted black dress with a colorful flower pattern on it. I paired this outfit with black ankle booties.

Shout out to one of my internships, Velvet Lounge, for showing me about this lovely new clothing item. Another shout out to me little brother who always plays the photographer role for my photos you see here on Coral Buttons 🙂

I will definitely try my best to stay on top of blog posts and comments and get more posts out to all of you!

Thanks again for supporting my blog for over a year now, many more awesome years to come.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Love Tati


21 thoughts on “New Hair, Blogoversary, and More!!!

  1. Wow it sounds as though you’ve been busy lately! Nice to see you return to the ‘blogosphere’ though of course haha 🙂 I love the bright coral colour of your cape. Have a lovely week!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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