Back-to-School Outfits: College Edition

back to schoolToday ends my first week of my last semester of college!! Yay…light up the fireworks!! ^-^

Now over my 3 1/2 years at college (yes, I’m finishing a semester early) I’ve noticed numerous styles of clothing that students wear.

Whether this is your first semester at college or last one like mine or if you’ve graduated college years ago, we all probably know how college students dress.

This is a list of  clothing items and outfits you must have as you attend college!

College Swag

college shirtsCollege swag is anything from a t-shirt with the school logo on it to shorts with a picture of your school mascot on them. Having these items will show you have pride for your school and when you are off campus you get to show off what school you attend.

cocktail dressClassy Cocktail Dress

In college you have a lot of events that you will have to attend from award ceremonies to meetings with the dean to interviews for jobs. A classy cocktail dress will be appropriate for you to wear to any of those events and you will look chic, fancy, and sophisticated while you wear it.

Chillaxing Outfit jogger set

A chillaxing outfit is anything you can wear that will make you feel relaxed and an outfit you can just chill in. That can be yoga pants and a t-shirt or a jogger jumpsuit or even sweatpants and a hoodie. Everyday at college doesn’t have to be a fashion show. Sometimes you want to just roll out of bed and put on comfy clothes and walk or drive to class. Adding accessories to your chillaxing outfit can add a chicer look to it.

party dresCute Party Dress

For those nights where you want to go out with your roommates or go to a school sponsored party, you have to look your best! At college you have to go to class and join clubs, but you must also have a little fun. This party dress will help you look fabulous when you go out and can even help you land a date!

Hope these outfits gave you an idea for what to wear and bring to college! Enjoy your weekends and try to have some fun ❤


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