Puff Post

puff 2Hello lovelies! This is going to be a rather short post because I just wanted to show all of my wonderful followers and readers a new hairstyle I tried!

My hair is getting longer and has been growing rapidly ever since I cut it a little over a year ago so, of course, I have to start trying out new ways to wear my hair. puff

My new hairstyle is called a high puff or just a puff. My hair is very thick and tightly curled so when I put a elastic headband around my hair, the hair outside of the headband puffs up into an afro-like style.

I really love this hairstyle because it is quick and easy to do and it looks super cute! By adding a chic headband, like the gold one I am wearing in the photos, it adds a bit more style and flair to the hairstyle.

As my hair continues to grow, I am excited to see how big my puff can get! ^-^


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