A Look Back

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I graduated high schoolgrad! It really doesn’t seem that long!

Since my official three year grad-anniversary was two days ago, I would love to share my graduation dress with all of my lovely readers.

I wore a white mermaid gown with ruching along the torso and down to my thighs. The bottom flared out like a mermaids tail and lightly touched the ground as I walked.

grad3On the side of it was a small flower and I paired this dress with white pointy toe heels, a pearl and silver necklace, and a pearl bracelet.

Also my hair has totally changed since these pictures. That was the first and only time ever dyed my hair and I was not natural at the time.

That style is called finger waves and now three years later I am natural and back to my normal hair color.
As you can see from my pictures, walking down the aisle to get me diploma really made me nervous. I was nervous about everyone taking my picture and I was also trying to focus on not tripping and falling!

Overall I loved my graduation dress and that day three years ago was super amazing!

What type of gown or dress did you wear on your high school graduation? I’m sure it was beautiful ❤


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