Ring Ceremony Outfit!

I finally got my college ring! I was suppose to get it weeks ago, but the weather was too bad 😦

But, now I finally have it and I couldn’t be more excited! For anyone who doesn’t know or forgot, I go to Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Hence the “H” on the ring!ring outfit

I actually didn’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for this ring. I entered an essay competition and I won the scholarship that allows my school to pay for my ring in full.

Lucky right!

Any-who, this post will show all of my lovely readers my new ring and the outfit I wore the ceremony ^-^

It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day to have this ceremony. It was around 80 degrees!

I wore a green fit and flare dress paired with black cutout wedges. This dress was super comfy and light weight, while still looking elegant and chic.

For my accessories, I wore lots of pearls! I wore pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, and a pearl necklace.

I wore my hair out in my lovely curly, twisted out, fro! Not only was this outfit great for this ceremony, but it will also work perfectly for dates, partying, or just a fancy dinner.

I love this outfit and I love my new Hood ring! Only one semester left until I am a college grad, wish me the best ❤


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