Sunday Snapshot: Lance

Boys can have style too! Lance is one of the best dressed guy’s on my campus. photo

I decided to feature him in a Sunday Snapshot post to show everyone that men can have style too and anyone can create their own style. ^-^

Lance is wearing a grey and white striped cardigan paired with a gray shirt with green, cartoon astronaut head on it. For his pants, he is wearing a pair of dark green jeans.

To finish off his ensemble he is wearing fashionable, white and gray sneakers. He accessorized this outfit with a green manbag, decorated with horses of varying colors.

lanceI think this is a very chic and fashion forward look! Below are some questions Lance answered about his style.

1) How would you describe your style?

My style is best described as a risk taker. I am my own character and I am not afraid to try something new. Most people would look at items and say “that’s nice, but I can’t wear that” while I take the challenge and create an image out of it.

2) What is your favorite article of clothing?

Any kind of clothing for my torso is a favorite of mine. Most people recognize your upper body before they do the lower.

3) What inspires your clothing/style choices?

Being from New York City makes it a competition between everybody in fashion. But I inspire my own style to be honest, I just like thinking out of the box and creating new images for myself. My style represents a clash of my personality and likes.

4) Who is your fashion role model?lance2

If I had to choose one person who inspires me fashion wise, it would be Kanye West. Also Chris brown and Pharrell.

5) When asked if he had any other fashion information to add, Lance said: “I don’t like Zumiez.”

I hope you enjoyed this Sunday Snapshot and I hope everyone has a great week! ~


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