10 Fun Ways to De-Stress

stress lessHello lovelies ❤

After this week, I have five weeks left before I will complete my first semester of my senior year of college! Super excited about that!

But with the end of the semester approaching, comes a lot of projects and papers and that can get very overwhelming. So in order for me to not want to pull my hair out before the end of the school year, I found ten fun ways to de-stress!

Hopefully these tips can help you stay stress free as well. ^-^

1) Use Pinterest: Pinterest is my favorite social media site.  You can browse funny images, health information, motivational quotes, images of puppies, literally anything your heart desires. Need inspiration, check out my Pinterest here.

2) Buy a new outfit: Who doesn’t love shopping?!? I always feel less stressed and happier after buying a new outfit. Buy that dress you’ve been considering for a while. Why not buy that new bikini and try to fit into it before summer. When you look good, you feel good!

3) Do yoga: Yoga is super relaxing and helps you stay fit. It is a really peaceful exercise and you barely work up a sweat! It will definitely help you forget about all your problems and calm you down.

4) Buy and grow a plant: House plants are beautiful and are scientifically proven to help keep you calm and healthy by being around them. Looking at and helping your beautiful plant grow will make you happier and give you a colorful house decoration!

5) Meditate: Sit in your room or a quiet place with soft music playing in the background and clear your mind. Just breathe deeply and try to focus on the sound of the music and relax. You will be amazed at how stress free you feel once your mind is clear and at peace.

6) Dance: I love to dance! Even if feel like you aren’t a great dancer, it will be fun to just turn on your favorite song and just dance around the house to it. You will be getting exercise and having a lot of fun and not worrying about anything.

7) Take the Positivity Challenge: For 7 days try to think only positive thoughts and try to see the good side of every situation. It will be difficult, but by the end of the week, you will start to feel happier and have a better and more positive outlook on life.

8) Give yourself a Mani/Pedi: We all love feeling pampered at a salon or spa, but who says you can’t pamper yourself! Grab one of your favorite nail polishes from the cabinet and just relax and do your nails. Make yourself feel super pretty!

9) Create a motivational/inspirational quote for yourself: Write the quote everywhere and remember to apply it to your life. If you have a constant reminder of why you should stay motivated, you will be happier and more focused. My new motto is: Changing negatives to positives ^-^

10) Take a relaxing bubble bath: Get nice and cozy in the tub with your favorite scented bubble bath and maybe even light some candles. Just try to soak and relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Try all or some of these methods and see how stress free you will be! ❤ ❤ ❤


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