Sunday Snapshot: Amber

I haven’t done a Sunday Snapshot in a long time, but here is my second one! In case you forgot, these posts will feature a photo or two of  people who look adorable and trendy and on Sundays I feature them here on Coral Buttons!

At my college, the students are very diverse when it comes to fashion sense.

Some students love to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts, others prefer to dress up in business attire, some prefer bright colors and patterns, and some have a style all of their own.

Today’s Sunday Snapshot post will feature a student and my friend who has a style all of her own, Amber George. Amber is a junior, English major and theatre minor.

When it comes to clothes, Amber says she just wears whatever she wants to.

“I never thought of how I dress. I just pick and choose from trends and styles I generally enjoy.”

Amber is wearing a loose-fitting, black and white striped shirt and on top of that, an over-sized denim button up shirt. She is also wearing dark gray skinny jeans, accessorized with a light brown belt.

She pairs her tops and bottom with light gray legwarmer socks and burgundy boots. It is still winter time currently, so Amber accessorized her outfit with a gray infinity scarf and white, pom beanie hat.

If I had to put a label on Amber’s style, I would call it 90s Grunge! ^-^

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sunday Snapshot and you can check out my first one here! ❤


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