New Piercing!

piercingHappy Hump Day everyone!

This post is long overdue, but better late than never! I got a second piercing in my ear the week before Christmas and it was a birth-mas (Christmas and Birthday lol) gift from my lovely boyfriend.

I’ve wanted a second piercing for a very long time, but for some reason I was so scared and hesitant about getting it done. I was scared because I am a baby when it comes to pain, but luckily it only felt like a little pinch.

I was hesitant about getting it done because when I was younger my mother was firmly against getting any more piercings than one in the ear and no tattoos or anything like that.

A funny story about my first piercing: For my fifth birthday my dad took me to get my ears pierced (withoutkeep-calm-and-love-earringst my mother’s consent!), so she said he brought me through the door and she saw my ears sparkling.

Of course, they are sparkling because I now have two shiny earrings in my ear. My mother didn’t get upset, which was good ^-^

I got my second piercing without my parents knowing about it. I came in the house the night I got them pierced and showed my dad first.

He said that they looked nice and we talked a bit about where I got them done at and all that fun stuff.

My mom overheard us talking and I hear her yell from her bedroom: “what did you do!” And I walked in and showed her my new piercing and she didn’t get upset or anything and said she liked them.
love yourself
Then my dad walked in and said that my new piercing was a surprise, just like the first one and we all laughed together.

I love my second piercing and I can’t wait to buy new earrings and play around with different looks.

What piercings do you have or are interested in getting? I think my two piercings is enough for me ^~^ ❤


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