Staying Positive

This p20150121_121259ost will be a little different from my usual posts, but hopefully it will still be enjoyable 🙂

Two days ago I began my first semester of my senior year of college. I have mixed emotions about this semester.

I am eager, excited, worried, and motivated. Yesterday I had a lovely snowy day (pictured above) and I also had a lot of downtime yesterday and today.

carnival-of-positive-thinkingOn days like today where I actually have downtime, I like to relax, watch tv, and just have a little time for myself. I tend to sit and think a lot about my life and things that are happening and the future.

I love to sit and think about a variety of topics, but I sometimes have a bad habit of over-thinking and worrying about things.

I worry and over-think about being successful after college, my family, my financial situation, my relationship and so much more. But I am realizing that taking more Positive-quotes-imagescontrol over my mind and thoughts and staying positive and not stressing and worrying about circumstances will make my life a lot easier.

So as this year continues to fly by and as I continue to work my way through my first senior year semester, my goal is to stay as positive as possible and to stress less.

Remember to always keep your head held high! xoxo

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