Products I’m Loving: For The Body!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with friends, family, and loved ones!

I am thankful each day for my friends, family, boyfriend, and my fellow bloggers and followers ^-^

Today I am spending the day relaxing in the house with my family, so I decided to blog! And during my relaxation time I came up with a new post idea.

The new idea I came up with is “Products I’m Loving!” In these posts I will be talking about items I am loving for the face, body, hair, clothing items, jewelry, and any other items I love!

The “Products I’m Loving” post for today will be all about products for the body. Enjoy 🙂

Dove Deodorant Advanced Care

I love all Dove products, but my favorite has to be the Dove deodorant. I sweat a lot, unfortunately, but Dove Advanced Care works perfectly. It keeps my sweating under control and makes my underarms feel smooth. My deodorant has the lovely fragrance of pomegranate. Also, when you put it on, it is a pale white color, so it is barely noticeable, which is awesome for sleeveless dresses and tank tops.

Rose Foam Face Cleansing

This product is really special to me because I got it as a gift from one of my roommates when I was in Seoul, South Korea! When mixed with water, this cleanser becomes really foamy and soapy. After I wash it off, it leaves my face looking bright and clear. Not only does it make my face feel super smooth, but it also makes my hands feel silky smooth as well. Do this two times a day, morning and at night, and your skin will look flawless and acne free. In addition to making my skin feel amazing, it also smells like a bouquet of fresh roses!

Nivea Touch of Sparkle Body Wash

My roommate recommended this product for me and I am so happy that she did! This body wash is amazing. The container says that the body wash is moisturizing and illuminating and it certainly is. After the first wash, I knew that this product was great. Only pumping once or twice onto a shower pouf allows you to clean your entire body. This is also a huge container, so I know it will last me a while. The scent is Diamond Powder and White Calla Blossom; I am not sure how those two items smell individually, but together they create a marvelous aroma.

Skintimate Strawberry Tangerine Shaving Cream

If the title doesn’t make you want a smoothie, the smell of this shaving cream definitely would. Not only does it smell delicious, but it also makes shaving ten times easier. Every lady wants to have smooth and hairless skin, this shaving cream will help you meet that goal. Just like the body wash mentioned above, you just have to use a small amount of the cream and you can shave an arm, leg, underarm, etc. You won’t have to worry about razor bumps after shaving either. I’ve been using Skinitimate shaving cream for a few years now and no razor bumps at all. If you are looking for a new shaving cream, this is an excellent purchase!

I hope you all enjoyed this list! Continue enjoying your holiday everyone! xoxo

happy holidays


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