Get the Look: Turban Head Wrap

Today I am starting a new segment called “Get the Look.” My “Get the Look” posts will demonstrate how all of my beautiful readers can recreate an outfit or accessory I am wearing.

The “look” for today is the Turban Head Wrap. Let’s find out how to get this look!

Step 1: Grab a scarf equivalent to the length of your body.
I am 5’7 and my scarf almost touches the ground when I hold it vertically from my face, so the scarf has to be super long!

Step 2: Lay the scarf across your head, with the two sides of the scarf being as close to equal as possible.
Yes, this step does look a little funny, but it will all make sense soon!

Step 3: Grab the two sides and bring them to the front of your head.
Seems simple enough, right?

Step 4: Take the two sides you brought to the front and twist them around each other.
One side in front of the other. Over and over again until you run out of scarf to twist.

Step 5: Take your twisted part and wrap it around in a swirling motion.
Make this as tight or as loose as you wish. The tighter the swirl the bigger the front part will be.

Step 6: Now you are all done and it looks lovely!

And for all of you visual learners, here is a video that can help break down the steps for you.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever “Get the Look” post. Try out this style and tell me how it turns out or leave a picture in the comments to show me how beautiful yours turned out!! ^-^


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