How To Wear: Radiant Orchid!

I recently found out that Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Yes, I am super late (11 months late to be exact), but it is still 2014 so this information is still valid!

Radiant Orchid is a mixture of purple, pink, and fuchsia undertones. I don’t personally own anything in this stunning color, but I searched around online (aka Pinterest!) and stumbled upon a few great Radiant Orchid finds!

Radiant Orchid Lipstick

I am not a big makeup buff, but I must say that this lipstick color is gorgeous. The orchid color blends with the models lips to create a lovely pink undertone. Also, I think that this color would look good on any complexion and is perfect to wear out on dates, to a party, or just to wear when you want to feel glamorous.

Radiant Orchid Pants

These pants are awesome! They are chic, cute, professional, and classy all in one! These pants can be dressed up or down and either way will still look delightful. A denim button up shirt and blue shoes, with those wide leg Radiant Orchid pants…flawless. Her accessories are perfect as well; she paired this outfit with a chic purple clutch and chunky gold and turquoise jewelry. Adorable!

orchid shirtRadiant Orchid Shirt

I would love to own this shirt, it is so cute! The model is wearing a long sleeve, button up, collared shirt with dark jeans and boots. She is also using the half-tucked method of shirt tucking, which adds a touch of flare to the look. The pop of bling on the collar is a nice touch and overall this outfit looks simple, but also super fashionable.orchid dress

Radiant Orchid Dress

This dress is playful, but yet very elegant and chic. The Radiant Orchid color pairs well  with the beautiful array of flowers in her hand and hair. I love everything about this picture, from the beautiful dress to the way her hair is blowing in the wind.

Radiant Orchid…Hair??

Now, I could never pull off this hairstyle, but the model in the picture is working it! The beautiful orchid color might seem too flashy for some, but I think the color is stunning. When you see this picture you are drawn to her marvelous and bright hair, which isn’t a bad thing. Her colorful hair doesn’t take away from her lovely face or the chic dress she is wearing.

I hope you enjoyed this Radiant Orchid filled post! See what other pictures you can find that shows off this remarkable color!


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