Traveling in Time

I recently went to the cutest little vintage shop, in Downtown Frederick, called Venus on the Half Shell. When I first walked in, I felt like I stepped back in time! I-love-vintage

The store was filled with beautiful and colorful vintage clothes, accessories, and furniture.

boss vintage

I had a great time trying on clothes and the owner, Jennifer Stillrich, was super sweet and eager to help however she could. Stillrich opened Venus on the Half Shell with her best friend in 1996.

“We started out as a vintage furnishing shop with some vintage clothing and jewelry. The clothing took off, so we closed the shop for one week and completely revamped our business plan and store layout. After that, Venus on the Half Shell was born,” Stillrich said.

rhinestone vintage

How can you make vintage clothes look fashion forward and trendy, you ask? It really isn’t a difficult task at all!

Stillrich said, “All one has to do is follow the current fashions and it’s quite apparent that the designers are mining the old fashions and reworking past styles and looks.”

All the photos of me featured in this post were taken by Jennifer! I tried on a lot of amazing items.

From the 80’s, I wore a Wilson’s black leather, crop jacket (pictured above). I loved it and looked super chic in it. It made me feel like I was on the set of “Grease“!

From the 60looking bad in vintage‘s, I wore a St. Andrews charcoal wool dress with rhinestones (pictured above). This dress was classy and timeless. The rhinestones on it were gorgeous.

This next outfit was my favorite! If I had the money, I would go back and purchase it.cute vintage

I put together a black crepe 60’s shell with fringe top, Starlight 50’s/60’s black high waist shorts, and a black floppy hat, to create this awesome vintage outfit.

Stillrich said, “Adding vintage pieces is the perfect to way to create a standout look. Plus it’s so much fun to shop for!”

I totallybuy vintage agree and I am so happy that I could stop by and try on clothes and talk with Jennifer!

P.S. Excuse the lack of shoes in some of my pictures. My feet were too big for the cute vintage shoes!


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