Bow Ties and Button-Ups

button up
Who says bow ties are just for men? Who says women can’t look stylish wearing a button-up shirt? Not me!

I believe that both men and women can pull off the bow tie and button-up look and look fabulous while wearing it. I love wearing bow ties and button-ups together because they create a super preppy and timeless outfit.

The outfit I have on, can be worn for numerous occasions. I wore it to church this past Sunday, but it can also be worn to an interview, work, or for a fancy, dinner date.

To turn the outfit into a more office-friendly look, you can add a white or cream colored blazer to it. The outfit will still have the preppy vibe, but will look more professional and sophisticated.

My bow tie is a mixture of blues and purples and has a galaxy print on it. I love this bow tie because I own a lot of colors that are in shades of blue, so the bow tie blends nicely with almost everything I own.

button up shirt
My button-up is very versatile. For example, it can be buttoned all the way up or you can have a couple of buttons undone and still look stylish, like so.

In my pictures, I have my sleeves rolled up. I can also roll them down and button the cuffs and the shirt turns into a long sleeve button-up.

My shirt is tucked in right now, so you can’t see this, but the front of my shirt can also be knotted at the waist as well, like this. I like tucking in my shirts because it adds emphasis to your waistline and makes you look neat and well put together.bowtie

I half-tucked my button-up into my khakis, which made my outfit look more chic and structured.

I paired the button-up and khakis with silver, sparkly heels. This look can be paired with flats and it will still look chic, preppy, and sophisticated.


Why not give the bow tie and button-up look a chance? Who knows, you might end up loving it just as much as I do!


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