Fall Fashion at Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of my favorite clothing stores. The clothes there are not only stylish and colorful, but also affordable!Forever21-400x253

As we all know, the fall weather is slowly creeping up on us. Nobody wants to get sick, so when the weather gets colder, layers have to be worn.

If you think that wearing layers will make you look frumpy or unflattering, think again. There’s a lot of fashionable fall clothes at Forever 21 that will keep you warm and looking fabulous.

If you plan on going shopping for a new fall outfit, it would be a great idea to buy tall boots, leggings, and sweaters! I own all three articles of clothing and I can definitely say that they are perfect for the fall weather.

My oversized, green sweater.

My oversized, green sweater.

I brought a green, oversized knit sweater at Forever 21 and it is my favorite sweater. It not only keeps me from catching a cold, but it is also comfortable.

Oversized sweaters are usually loose fitting, long, and made of knit. They are perfect for chilly fall days.

You can lounge around in the house with them or you can go to Starbucks and buy a latte in them. Whether you are in the house or out and about, I think that sweaters look best paired with jeans or cute leggings.

Leggings are probably the article of clothing that I have the most of because you can literally pair them with anything. I’ve worn them with shirts, jackets, sweaters, and even dresses.

I prefer patterned leggings, but solid colored leggings work best for creating an outfit.

My patterned leggings.

My gray, patterned leggings.

Last fall, I bought a pair of patterned gray leggings from Forever 21 and I love pairing them with a plain tee and a lightweight jacket. It’s a layered look, but I am still warm and looking trendy.

To complete your fall outfit, you need some shoes! Tall boots keep your feet warm, look sleek and stylish, and goes great with leggings, jeans, and dresses.

Tall boots stop right below the knee or a little over the knee and are usually in shades of black or brown. My favorite tall boots are made of faux leather, are light brown, and stop right below my knee.


Cute brown and black tall boots.

Don’t know how to pair tall boots with a fall outfit? Imagine this: Tall brown boots, with a pretty white dress, and a long, beige cardigan.

That outfit is simple and elegant enough to be worn to work or on a night out with your best friends. It will also keep you warm and cozy, but if you still feel a little chilly, you can always wear leggings underneath of the dress.

Chic sweaters, leggings, and boots can be bought at a variety of clothing places such as, Delia’s, Old Navy, or H & M; I just prefer Forever 21. Browse each store, see which one is your favorite, and then go shopping for your new fall outfits!

Remember to stay warm!!



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